I have decided, I write too much!!

Basically, I write articles, not blogs! I have decided to change my site around to purely just blog here and put my longer articles on my hub pages account.

Here I will vent, rapture or wax lyrical about my daily life here in Turkey and keep it simple (ish). I may even promote this site a bit more as until now I have really just used it as my personal journey of travel. Well, no more!

And so, what did I do today?

Not very interesting to be honest! First I missed step class. No jumping around in the unrealistic hope that my tree trunks would become elegant twigs, no, Instead, I had to bring home the bacon and do my job (Real Estate).

Then I had coffee with a cafe owning friend and we spent 20 mins half moaning, half laughing as we compared the trials and tribulations of being a wife to a Turkish native.

This afternoon was work related and involved using my power of attorney to sign over TAPU’s (Title Deeds) on behalf of customers (yawn).

Lastly, this evening I sat here on my sofa with my good friend Mister L Top and decided to make some changes.

Lets see how that goes 🙂 xx