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I have neglected my blog for a cheeky little holiday to the delightful Island of Cyprus.

I decided on a laptop free two weeks and thought I’d spend my time driving around the Island and drinking in the sights. That would have been all well and good had I remembered to take my driving licence!

All things happen for a reason though don’t they?

Instead I was the proud hirer of a bicycle (yes a bicycle) and managed a whopping 124km in ten days.  The benefits were undoubtedly the even tan and the trimmed waistline. The downside? Well that would be the John Wayne style of walking I adopted the rest of the time.

Ayia Napa is indeed a holiday resort  associated with clubbing youngsters but at this time of year, the tourists are the kind that are in bed by 10pm and the only pills you will see them popping are for arthritis and high blood pressure.  I have to say though, there were plenty of the elderly folk peddling alongside me on the cycle paths, ringing their little bells as they passed by.

It was a little strange being without the laptop,  but I had decided to ‘go commando’ with just a pad and pen to record my thoughts.  Of course, I now need to collate all that scribble into something readable, so bear with me………..