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I am a terrible blogger, there can be no doubt.  I get myself all tied up in other ventures and this little patch of ‘me’ gets completely abandoned.

My excuse this time is a new online magazine called ‘On the Ege’.  It has taken up my time for the past 6 weeks; cajoling talented contributors to join the team, sourcing interesting things to feature, writing, editing and web building, the last of which I am no expert at!  

The word ‘Ege’ means ‘Aegean’ in Turkish and it’s from the coast of the ‘ege’ that our contributors hail from. It’s also, obviously, a play on words as most people will read it as ‘On the Edge’, which, lets face it, can apply to most of us some of the time.  

Anyhow, that little venture had me all excited. Still does. It is something that I would look forward to reading, had I discovered something like it elsewhere.  It’s got, If I may say so myself, a little bit of class about it as well as being informative and you can tell that the people writing in it, actually like living here in Turkey.  They are not the type you will find down the pub in the afternoon, supping beer and bemoaning the fact that their neighbors, cousins, uncles, sisters, niece, has just been ‘had over’ by a Turk, nor the 50 kurus price increase of their tenth bottle of Efes of the day. 

So, my blog today, is without a doubt, a shameless plug for the new magazine. However, I really don’t think you will mind once you read it 🙂

So here it is, just awaiting your perusal: www.ontheege.com

As for me, in the eternal words of Arnie………I’ll be back  xx