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It’s the end of the week when all you want to do is let your hair down a little, kick off those metophorically heavy shoes and relax with good friends and maybe a little drink or two. Blush Friday we call it, so named after the colour of a rose wine.

We take it in turns to host the evening and last night it was at my friend Shelly’s, who’s partner is Turkish and has a wonderful way with fish.

When we arrive, the table is laden down with mezes and salads and the fish are silently waiting their turn on the barbeque.  Shell makes a jug of Pimms which disappears in no time as we sit around the table chatting and dipping.  The roasted aubergine, red pepper and garlic dip is to die for and goes just as well on bread, with crisps, mixed in with salad or indeed straight from the spoon.  As the smokey smell of fish wafts through the air from the bourgainvillia filled terrace, us girls sip a newly opened bottle of blush and put the world to rights.

The main topic of conversation at this point is food.

Ali returns from the terrace with the crispy fish and we pile these on our plates and tuck in. I have sprinkled mine librally with the garlic, lemon & oil dressing, which is also to die for.  The conversation slows down a bit as everyone pulls succulant fish from bone with their fingers, puts it in their mouths as they takes the time to taste.  It’s food heaven.

Fish done and another cork pops.  At this point we have cherrys on the table and it’s then I am reminded of the girl from Twin Peaks, the one that could tie a knot in a cherry stalk while it was in her mouth.  Within seconds everyone is attempting it and the table has fallen silent apart from the occassional tongue on tooth sound. We all gurn as if our lives depend on it.

At first, as you start to move the stalk around in you mouth and realise its rather pliable, you think you are in with a chance.  But then, the moisture on the tongue works against you and you have to start again.

Amazingly, both Ali and Carol succeed and not just once!  They manage to do it a couple of times each (show offs).

Seems we have got to the ‘alcohol has kicked in’ stage of the evening and next thing you know we are curling tongues, measuring our feet against our inner arms and rotating feet anti clockwise while attempting to write the number 6 in the air with our hands (try it and see).

Wine bottles are empty and drinks are replenished with Vodka (hmmmm is this really a good idea). The conversation has wandered through music and gigs, our kids as kids, our animals past and present and there are times that I have laughed so hard Ive nearly cried.

It has been a perfect Blush Friday but it’s now past midnight and I decide to text the hubby to come and get me before the conversation arrives at the slurring stage.

I abosolute reek of garlic which is blatently evident within the confines of the car, poor Mu. I lean over, breathe on him and tipsily tell him I brought him a takeaway.  Thankfully he has a sense of humor but on remembering that, well, its enough to make a girl blush!