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Each morning I wake up to the sound of birds tweeting, hens clucking and geese making a noise that sounds like they have a chicken bone stuck in the back of their throats….perhaps they do, who knows.

I pad barefoot into the kitchen and switch on the kettle in preparation of my morning cuppa. Fortunately, my cupboard is always stocked with English Teabags that have been brought throughout the year by returning friends. This year alone I have stocked up on Marks and Sparks, Tesco Red Label, Sainsbury’s and Harvey Nicks (thanks posh Judy).

Tea in hand I sit myself on the balcony and listen to the birds while waking up.  My view is a line of white Turkish houses that border the road, fig and pomegranate trees, large patches of grass with clusters of poppy and chamomile in amongst it, an old stone cottage and, a beautiful red pepper tree that drips with ruby jewels in the summer months.  In an hour or so, along will come an old man with a big moustache in a flat cap holding a length of rope.  At the end of that rope will be a cow or two and these will be left to graze on the wild grasses while the old man leaves to either attend to more farming or meets his mates in the tea house to put the world to rights (I can only guess at that of course).

For all intents and purposes I could be living in the country or at the very least the suburbs, but no, I actually live just three minutes walk from Dolphin Square and the main beach.  For those of you that don’t know Dolphin Square I can tell you it’s the equivalent of any ‘bar street’ in any other country, with the exception perhaps of the shirt less dancing boys.  My point is; that’s where all the tourists tend to gravitate, where all the noise comes from, where all the tourist shops are and, the very hub of Altinkum itself and yet, here I sit be it morning noon or night, watching cows, hens and magpies frolic in amongst the chamomile.

I guess that’s called having the best of both worlds?