I have no doubt that I muck up the Turkish language considerably.  My husband thinks it’s cute and Crazy Uncle does not let me forget some of the things I have said in the past like: ‘yuru yuru musteri’ (that was when I told him that Murat had gone out with ‘walk in’ customers ).  It works both ways however and Turks keep me constantly amused with what comes out of their mouths.

Murat will often ask for a ‘couple of tea’ for instance.  He also pronounces ‘kettle’ like a good Eastender, bless him.

The funniest misquotes I heard this week were courtesy of Ali, a friends boyfriend.  On discussing a certain gentleman, Ali came out with ‘he’s a bit knob’ which had me laughing out loud.  This was followed later in the evening by the spectacular ‘Im using the five things’.   When I realised what he meant I was doubled up with laughter.

It was a conversation where one of the party (female) had been relaying a juicy bit of gossip. The rest of us, ears perked, ready & waited while she looked at Ali and said ‘Isnt he?’ to which he replied ‘Im using the five things’…………  in other words  ‘I plead the fifth amendment’

Sorry Ali, I’m not using the five things today, I’m testifying!