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Osman and me in Urfa

Osman and me in Urfa

Today, at 3pm, in Mavisehir, Im getting married.

‘But your’e already married’ I hear you say.   Well, yes I am, but this does not logically compute in the mind of a 6 year old.

Little Osman, is here on holiday. The family have travelled down by bus from Sanliurfa and are here for the next few months.  Osman is the son of Mehmet, my husband Murat’s cousin.  Mehmet & Murat have always been very close and as such we spend most of our time with the family when we are in Urfa.  I have played carpet trucks and cars with Osman, lifted him up trees on picnics, fed fish with him at the sacred pools, dragged him around Sanliurfa Museum and let him pose on the backs of stone lions while insisting he crack a smile for the camera.  Iv’e teased and tickled and held his small hand across roads like a good aunt should.

Last night, I was at home, catching up with some emails and Murat had gone to see the new arrivals.  He rang me around 9pm and told me the good news.

Mehmet and Murat had been teasing Osman and had told him that now here was here in Didim, the family would be looking for a nice girl for him, to arrange a marriage.  Osman had replied ‘who I am marrying’.   They thought he meant ‘who’ was he marrying and told him they would find him a nice yabanci (stranger).   He shakes his head and says ‘No, ‘who’ I am marrying and the penny drops.  The word ‘kim’ in Turkish translates as ‘who’.  Osman means to marry me!

Amid much laughter Murat rings me and I speak to Osman.  He tells me we are getting married today at  3pm.  I ask him does he have a ring and he says he will get one from his Dad.  I expect I will be presented with a token from Mavisehir market when I go and see him later!

Yes I know there is rather a large age gap…… but he loves me you know!