I currently have an unwanted houseguest who does nothing but sing all day long.  I don’t know how long he will stay, he hasn’t said, but I’ve got a feeling that if we don’t catch up soon, he will starve to death.  It would help if I could see him, but as yet he has not shown his face……nor any other part of him for that matter.

I think he is down the back of the sofa, but my sofa is brown and so is he.  Iv’e moved cushions and banged about a bit and I’ve even threatened him with the hoover, but to no avail.  There is not much more I can do.

If I ever manage a face to face, I already know what he will tell me. You see, there is Turkish children’s story in which he features heavily;  It’s the Tale of the Circir Bocegi and I will relay it to you below with a little poetic license 😉

Its summer and ‘Ben’ the Circir Bocegi, sits in a tree singing as he watches ‘Jerry’ the ant.  All day long Jerry goes back and forth between his nest working, carrying anything he can find to store.  He calls to Ben and asks him to help but Ben laughs and says summer is long and he has plenty of time.

Winter arrives sharply one day and the sun does not return.  Ben realizes, summer is really gone and he has no food so he decides to call on Jerry for help.  Peeking through the window he sees Jerry sitting in front of an open fire of tiny twigs, behind him, stacked against the earth walls are piles and piles of grain.  Ben calls to him and asks if he can spare any food as he is hungry but Jerry laughs and tells him “My friend, all summer you have seen me hard at work and you did not help me.  Every day you just sat laughing and singing in the trees while I have been gathering food and preparing for winter.  You should have thought about that.”

I guess, if that were an English tale, there would be a definitive moral to the story, ‘reap what you sow’ perhaps?   I’d like to give it a new spin though and say, if you are going to make a new friend, choose Ben as he knows how to have fun but, if it’s a husband you are after, Jerry’s your man.