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Yes silly season is upon us, the heat is unbearable and every bad Turkish Driver is parking his (barely held together with bits of string) sweet ride absolutely anywhere. This sadly includes the entrance to our road…..on both sides.  Fine, maybe if you have a mini but no, I have a 4×4.

Cursing to no one in particular, I could not turn into my own street today so had to reverse out and go round the back. This means driving along a small stretch of road, cars parked higgledy piggledy on either side with oncoming traffic and everyone playing chicken.  At the end of this particular road is a junction with no lights, basically a free for all.  Reaching the end I indicated (yes I’m British) to turn left, at odd angles to the guy about to turn right. Well of course he could not turn in as there was some heap of crap parked arse end out onto the main road and he could not get in-between that and mine.  Instead of waiting until there was a gap on the main road for me to pull out, he decides to roll down his window and abuse the female yabanci.  When he had finished shouting and gesticulating, I slid open my window, leaned out to make sure he could hear me then, in his mother tongue with a good deal of slang thrown in for good measure, I told him what to do with his mother, his dog, his donkey and lastly himself, before smiling sweetly and driving off.

I have saved the image of his shocked face in my memory like a photograph and there it will remain until the next time I am in need of a good laugh!