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Eternal View at Mount Nemrut

I lost a good few hours updating my photo gallery this week. I say ‘I lost them’ but perhaps ‘I got lost in them’ would be more appropriate, as I spent the time revisiting my past travels. I have seen some amazing things here in places some say you shouldn’t visit.

I remember a good few years ago, the first year I was with Murat, when I was having a general conversation about visiting his home town.  The woman I was talking to almost broke out in a sweat, she said it wasn’t safe and that I, as a foreigner, could end up as a terrorist target.  I’m sure she was well meaning but I have to say, İf you don’t have personal experience, then you really shouldn’t  make those kind of comments.

In any event I ignored her warnings and have, several times, been exploring in the South East, an area where I feel you can touch the ancient past in a way that’s just not possible in many places.  No rope to prevent you touching, no tourists to prevent you closing your eyes and soaking up the atmosphere and the opportunity to take wonderful photos.

I have caressed the heads of Babylonian Kings, traced a finger around ancient flint carvings made by cavemen, rooted around ancient cave dwellings and felt the smooth stone body of the world’s oldest life sized statue, a statue I’d never even heard of before.   In the past, I trod the well-worn path in the Valley of Kings and crawled through the entrance to the well-publicised Pyramids and as awesome as that was, it does not compare to a private audience with the ancients that pre date those Egyptians.

My best tip for South East Travel would be; Go  in October or November because the weather is pleasant and not too hot for the necessary clothing (covered) and of course, no tourists groups to obscure your views or penetrate your thoughts. However, I would also recommended travelling with a likeminded person, as you will definitely need someone to ‘WOW’ with.

With the right dress code and a respectful attitude, I’m sure your experience will be nothing but amazing.

Get off that beaten track and get lost in Turkey, it really is the best way to explore!