I love impromptu gatherings. They are great with a circle of friends but they can be just as good even when it’s only a party of two. It’s like the universe is saying ‘ok, stop what you’re doing, forget your plans for today and have a little fun instead’.  Well, it would be rude to refuse wouldn’t it?  I mean, it is the universe speaking after all.

So that’s just what happened last night; Deciding to go out on foot, for fear of losing my precious parking space, I put some newspapers in a carrier bag and went to make the first small delivery to some local establishments.  I rang my friend Michelle to see if she too fancied a walk, but hubby was off out to football and she was staying in with her little un.  ‘Why don’t you pop round for coffee after’ she said. So I did.

But there was no coffee, just vodka.   Ok universe, vodka is it.

Our conversation was eclectic and ranged from a painting in the church at St Omer, to medical care in a tribal village on the border of Thailand, wraparound trousers made for a song on the streets of Singapore, the plus points of a Spanish siesta and the differences between the construction of foreign languages (she speaks 5 – me just 2 and a bit).  During this time we sated ourselves with small dishes of olives, sarma and salads, all washed down with a tad too much Smirnoff.

I’m not sure where the hours went, I just know they went very quickly and at some point we moved from the terrace into the ‘Circle’ in the garden (the previous occupants had planted a circle of trees at the edge of a tiled centrepiece).   In keeping with my universe theme, I thought this all very fitting as a circle seems to carry much significance in regard to ancient sites like Stonehenge, Gobeklitepe and the Cromeleque Dos Almendres, to name a few. Then there are ancient symbols like Oroborous for instance and the shape of the planets, the shape of a halo, and not forgetting of course, the circle of life.  However, we were far too gone to debate ancient mysteries and I’m pretty sure I could not even have pronounced the word ‘Oroborous’ at that moment, so instead, we just lay there on cushions and tried to pinpoint the constellations.  There was the plough (I can always identify that one as it looks like a supermarket trolley) but the rest stumped us even though we knew there should be a bear (or was that the big dipper?).   In our state of inebriation it was all rather irrelevant anyway so we just lay there gazing upward to the sky at a host of glittering stars just waiting for their moment to shine in the prose of a million poets.

I got home at around 3:30am. Murat was fast asleep, the air con had chilled the bedroom to perfection, there were snacks in the fridge and a full bottle of coke.

Not wanting to be ungrateful, I gave thanks to the universe for a very pleasant evening and hoped it would be kind enough not to make me pay for it the next morning with a hangover.