The heat here at the minute is incredible. Combine this with the humidity and we are all flagging. My energy is depleted, my throat has a constant tickle caused by the air conditioning which drones all night long and I am so fed up of the sweat that runs in rivulets down my rib cage, leaving my dresses or tops with two wet patches.  I don’t like life in the sun without sunglasses but, after wearing them for a few minutes, they become plastic sweat pockets. Uncomfortable and oh so unattractive.

I feel for my friends working in cafes and kitchens. I feel for the females of my family still wearing headscarves and pyjamas under those long skirts and I especially feel for anyone partaking in oruç this month.  A month of fasting without as much as a dribble of water to pass between their lips from sunrise to sunset.  In return for their dedication, I hope, their God is kind and keeps them from dehydration.

A life abroad is often seen through rose tinted glasses. The reality this month is more an un-fetching shade of sunburn.