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Yesterday, I wrote a little blog about how we are all burning up here in Turkey. Little did I realise, that in my birth town of London, the streets were literally consumed by flames.

I am totally shocked at the riots in London and very very sadenned.

Today, I am glad that my Grandad is not alive to see the country he fought for being fire bombed and looted by the youths of today. Some of these thugs will be the same age as the soldiers who gave their lives in World War 2 and indeed, the same age as soldiers fighting in Afganistan today. Not all of them will return.

Today I am also glad that my child took the unconventional route and has spent the last 6 years mainly working abroad.

And today, I am extremely proud of the Turks & Kurds that now live in my birth town, at the way they have defended their community. You can bet these men have served in the Turkish army and you can bet they will take no prisoners. God bless them.

If my Grandad was watching the news today, he would, without a doubt say: “Bring back conscription”.  I would totally agree with him.