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Tonight is the night of Destiny. The night when special angels are all around us, listening to our prayers and relaying them to Allah. It is the holiest night of the year…… if you are a Muslim believer that is.

Muslim scholars believe that the Koran was revealed in its entirety over a period of 23 years but, the first revelation and the prophet-hood of Mohammed began on this night when he was visited by the Arch Angel Gabriel.

Kader Gece (The night of Destiny), is traditionally believed to be the 26th night of the Ramazan fast here in Turkey, and it lasts from sunset to sunrise.  It is considered a very special night when Muslims seek guidance and revelation.  Some will stay awake all night praying and talking to Allah as according to the Koran, God will hear them directly or through the Angel Gabriel.  During this time they may study or recite the holy book, evaluate their own lives and plan for the coming year.

This year, it falls on a Friday and for me this means I will be sitting among the girly’s for our weekly feast of good food, girly chatter and a few alcoholic beverages, except, I will not be partaking of the demon drink.  I am not a Muslim but I am married to one and he has asked me not to drink alcohol tonight. I have agreed.

A couple of my naughty girlfriends have said ‘oh what he won’t know won’t hurt him’ and ‘we can ply you with strong coffee before you go home’, bless them!!  However, my word is my word and I don’t intend to break it.

I will therefore have made a sacrifice for the month of Ramazan and no doubt I will sit there with a face like a smacked bottom!  Still, it’s a small price to pay for marital harmony and just one of those compromises we all make when we join in holy union.

Oh and just in case you’re listening tonight Gabriel, can you please ask Allah for world peace and a cure for cancer. Thank you.