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Ok so it’s been a very busy week. Managed to pack in a bit of his and hers shopping in Aydin and Soke. Funny how the ‘his’ totalled around 20 bags and the ‘hers’ a mere 3. Something definitely wrong there….. although it may be that hubby is a clothes horse that anything fits and me, well I’m female and that means lady bits that don’t conform to the Turkish outlets, not forgetting I’m just a tad shy of  6ft and there’s no Long Tall Sally here as yet!!  That should not pose a problem for shoes however but I gotta say, I just can’t do footwear with toes that point upward a couple of centimetres off the floor. It just looks wrong and I really don’t care what the salesman tells me about fashion, I’d rather wear trainers than be caught dead in a pair of Ali Babas.  One guy even told me they were made that way because of the bad roads and it stopped you falling over! Yeah ok mate, go try selling some ice to the Eskimo’s.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in my first hike of the season. Myself and little Michelle donned shorts and boots hiked down a dirt track to a secluded beach where we took a breather and dipped our feet in the still warmish Aegean.  We ventured into the scrub on the way back to pick and poke unidentifiable growth that might look good tucked into Christmas wreaths; tiny buds that look like miniature oranges, red berries on tiny holly type leaves and some mini white plants that look kind of snowy. We’ll be going back with secateurs nearer the time….

Our usual chilled Blush Friday was infiltrated by ‘Mad Irish’ (you know who you are!) and rather more bottles than normal were consumed. I pulled my usual trick of ‘just nipping to the loo’, and found the sofa on route where I collapsed in a heap and left them to it. Our hostess (Michelle), apparently fell asleep with her head in her hands on the table at one point.  After we left she thought it would be a good idea to hang out the washing before she went to bed but, in her drunken state, she managed to get trapped in the iron contraption where she stayed for around 10 minutes unable to fathom the way out….. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Funny enough I was not too bad apart from a bit of a head the next day but Michelle had to get up and go to work. I got some lovely expletive texts from her the next day!

And then there was the October Beer Fest at the Cikolata Patisserie Didyma (The Chocolate Shop to us locals). I turned up late on the last day in support of my friend (little Michelle) who was helping out, complete with Bavarian get up.  There was only a small gathering there, a multi cultured lot from Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Holland, England and…….2 Scousers.  What I thought may be a tad quiet turned into a right hoot with impromptu singing in a multitude of languages, line dancing, jiving, the obligatory ‘ive had too much beer’ dance and the best dance version of cotton eyed Joe I’ve ever seen. I was even persuaded to do a Turkish number accompanied by the lone guitarist, and I’d only had 3 beers! Such was the atmosphere. Fabulous hosts, fabulous night!!

Yesterday I did an emergency dash for friends who had arrived to find they had no electric. I did the Good Samaritan bit, took them for hot showers and then nipped out to the shops to get them some more blankets while they unpacked and settled in. Needn’t have bothered really as by the time I got back they were rosy cheeked and dancing round the living room having decided to warm themselves up with duty free Vodka!

Today’s been a cleaning day (dam dust) and tonight I went to the village for a proper feed. My mother in law is back from her trip East so there were plenty of family at the house and it was great to catch up, although I had to take my telling off for not visiting for over a month (bad bad yabanci gelin!). Main topics of conversation were the toddlers in the families taking command of the remote controls and insisting on çizgi films all day (cartoons),  the forthcoming wedding parties of brother in law Hassan and sister in law Ramzier.  My other sister in law Neryman was there looking worn out as her second child Arda is hyperactive and currently has a pain in his ear so a bit grizzly. I automatically told her to warm some olive oil up on a spoon and stick it in his ear, plugging it with cotton wool (as my Grandad used to do to me) and to make a small bag from an old sheet, fill it with salt and put it in the oven to warm before placing under his ear while he slept.  Having suffered from frequent ear aches as a kid, the salt bag and me were the best of friends and it never let me down.

Murat’s mum comments on his new belly. My tall thin husband is developing a bit of a pot. It’s not from beer I hasten to add but the new girl in the office is making breakfast and lunch everyday so he is having regular meals. I did try and take credit for the belly, saying that I had been busy cooking but the only response I got was laughter from all in the room. They know me better than that!!

As usual, I left the house sated and with a new pair of socks.  No matter how small, there always seems to be a hole somewhere in my sock and once that has been spied by the mother in law, a new pair miraculously appears and off I trot with highly decorative wool things on my feet.

So that’s my week to date really. Tomorrow night I’ve got the girls round and we are playing Blue Peter….….I’ll explain that next time