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Tonight’s the night folks, the night the veil shimmers translucently and merges the living world with that of those that have passed.

Whatever you may call it, ‘Ancestor Night’, ‘Summers end’,  ‘Feast of the Dead’ ‘Wiccan New Year’ or just good old ‘Halloween’, it is known by many names and celebrated by Celtics, Gaelic’s, Druids, Wiccans, Pagans, Neo Pagans and Pissheads (any excuse!).

Some may celebrate with festivals, some with clandestine meetings and many will dress up as ghosts, vampires or any dark and beasty creature of the night and get well and truly sozzled to the delight of the bar owner…….. And why not?

Although the central theme is ‘death’, this is not necessarily a morbid event, more a natural end to ones journey here on earth, be that of a person or the end of the summer crop.  Death itself is just a natural ending, itself the great equaliser between king and pauper.

For me it’s a time for reflection and I spend it quietly, thinking about my loved ones that have passed. I light candles for them, look at their photos, remember our times together and yes, I admit it; I will even talk to them and tell them I am missing them still.  My wish is that they are all together when they hear me.

So whatever your beliefs, burn a candle this evening to guide any lost spirit, leave a plate of apples or winter produce out for any passing soul and celebrate the life of your past ancestors no matter the generation.  Last but not least spare a thought for the Goddess; Mother Nature, as without her, we would not be here.

Passed down through the genetic code, our ancestors live on within us and I like to think, that on this night, we are connected to them through the veil just as sure as apples are apples 😉

Wishing you all a blessed and happy Samhain