December 31, 2011: I’m sitting here with my morning cuppa listening to the heavenly chorus; it’s a wet and thunderous composition put together by Mother Nature and it’s quite beautiful. Perhaps she is preparing for 2012 by doing an annual clean?

I think, if I remember correctly, today is the day the Christmas tree comes down? I find that quite sad as it leaves a bare and empty space and for a few weeks after, I always feel that there’s something missing. I may rebel and not dismantle it today…..we shall see.

The lead up to Christmas was very eventful but I’ve not had time to write about it. I think that will be one of my New Year’s Resolutions, to use my time more effectively and incorporate a little more structure. I am a bit of a winger. A ‘last minute Lill’ as it were and in some ways, this suits me as I am the type to thrive under pressure. However, my inner Virgo screams at me to be more organised and she is right really.  Another resolution will be to give up smoking. Do I really want to? Hmmmm sometimes yes and sometimes no but I have friends who do and by supporting them it will be easier for me as, I’m much better at being good to others than I am at being good to myself!

I will be updating my blog in the coming weeks but, I just wanted to drop in today and say hello to anyone reading me.  Not only that but as its raining hard, the electricity will no doubt go in a minute and to top it all, Murat has just danced his way into the lounge doing the Macarena?? I think I had better go and call a Doctor!

Hope to see you in the New Year and in the meantime, I will leave you with the status I wrote on my Facebook profile this morning:

‘’The countdown to a New Year has begun. 2012 is upon us and I hope it brings you Health & Happiness and that in the coming year; you have the strength, courage and wisdom to keep your resolutions. At midnight tonight, I will raise my glass in toast to family & friends and in remembrance of those no longer with us. Have a great evening, be grateful for the life you have, be safe, be kind and don’t forget to share the love. xxx’’