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I have just been updating the site with photo banners. It may be raining outside but I have a huge smile on my face as I remember my trips to all these fantastic places and I can feel my feet getting itchy!!

I need to collate my notes on some of the trips and tours just to make sure I get the right memory, place, dish etc.. with the right area! Once this is done, I will add some travelogues, many of which are about the South East of Turkey. Amazing places which sadly are not very well publicised. I would love to change that!

I think Murat has a business trip to Urfa coming up in the next month or so and I plan on Gate-crashing! It’s been over a year since I’ve been East and there are still a couple of places on my list to see and a couple I want to revisit to see what progress has been made. Of course, I want to see the rellies too and I know there have been a few more babies born since I was last there. I also need to feed…….. I miss Borani, a dish native of Urfa and one they don’t seem to have heard of anywhere else. During our road trips East, I have asked at many a lokanta for it only to be greeted by blank looks.

Every district will have their trademark dish and one I adore is ‘Karburgaci’ a speciality of Diyarbakir. It is absolutely divine,  but no one really knows what I’m talking about unless they are from Diyarbakir or have actually been.  What a great shame that is as it really is food orgasm……

Not all of the food is agreeable though, I remember eating some very strange fish in Eski Halfeti that neither myself nor Murat could stomach!

Now what I need to do is stop travelling down memory lane with you right now and collate my notes and photos so that I get it right and don’t send you to the wrong place for the wrong thing!

Iyi Yolculuklar!