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OK so I’m now 5 days off the cigarettes. Have I found it hard? In all honesty……No. I’ve not had one craving and it’s been a breeze but I know, the minute you put a bottle of red wine in front of me, that will be my trigger!

Tonight, I am making dinner for a couple of the other giver uppers….I have bought white wine, but still, I think I am in for a challenge.  I’ve warned the others I will perform a bag search and pat down on entry and once in, they will be locked in so that none of us can drunkenly nip to the offie!

Murat, I know, would love to give up smoking but just doesn’t have any willpower. For the last month or so he has had a pain in his back and keeps saying it could be lung cancer (bit dramatic bless him). I’m saying that but of course, it could.

The other evening I had gone to bed early to read a book and fell asleep before Mu got in. The next morning, I rolled over to see a white and yellow stripy tea towel poking out the top of his vest (funny I’ve just looked at the word vest and tried to remember if English men wear them under shirts or was that just school kids?), excuse the tangent.  So I ask him

‘Murat, what is that sticking out of your vest’

He replies: ‘From operation’

I sit up horrified, thinking that something bad has happened to him the previous night.

‘Operation’ I say in a higher decibel, ‘what operation’

‘From Village’ he says

I now know not to worry, this will be a case of village medicine, so I pull the end of the tea towel expecting to see green sludge from mashed up plants…….No green sludge.  Instead, he has huge purple bruises and I’m like ‘wtf’ and then I realise, they are all exactly the same size and I know, he has been cupped!!

I have had this therapy, at a health farm.  Plastic cups similar in texture to the teat of a baby’s bottle, but thicker, that feels…well….weird.  Afterward, you do feel very relaxed as the vacuum creates a deep tissue release. However, I was not covered in large purple bruises.

The way they do it in the village is slightly different. It’s a case of soaking cotton wool with lemon cologne and setting fire to it in a glass. They then fling the cotton wool out and use the heat in the glass to create the vacuum. Murat says he is not in pain and he feels much better but, he realises he has made a mistake.

‘Oh’, I say, ‘what’s that then’.

He tells me instead of being cupped; he should have seen his uncle, the one that cuts the painful area with a sharp knife hence relieving the problem. In other words…bloodletting.  What century am I living in!!

I am and have been most of my life into what are now called ‘complimentary’ therapies and adopt a holistic approach to life (mostly). In fact, I am a fully trained practitioner of Reflexology, something I learned 18 years ago now.  As an earth sign, I have a keen interest in the healing properties of the plants that surround us and have used supplements and herbs through my life as a way to stay healthy and heal myself as and when necessary.  In fact, I used to make all manner of weird and wonderful things in the UK and now I know what the corresponding names are here, I will do the same again.   So yes, I am all for the complementary, alternative and natural treatments and therapies but I feel bloodletting has no place amongst those!

I’ll try to help Murat by making him a tincture I think. That and a good dose of nagging 😉

As for my own willpower, well, it will be well and truly tested tonight.  Will I make it through the evening without a fag?    I’ll let you know