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Now that's a heavy smoker!

Happy to report that I’m still off the fags although fear I am going to have marital problems now that Murat is home.

He left last Thursday for a short business trip to Istanbul. I could have gone but that would have meant sharing a car with two chain smokers on a long road trip, a thought I didn’t relish! Plus, I am planning a little trip there to see my friend Magi in February anyway.


Excellent that meant I had the car and the bed all to myself wooo hoooo

Friday night, the girls come round for food and wine and we manage to stay off the fags, even though we talk about them. Our friend Polly has arrived from the UK and brought us all NHS giving up kits, bless her, so I hand those out and we all play with our blue plastic snappy things as we chat and put the world to rights as only girls can. There is a brief moment where we discuss nipping down to Chico’s for a drink but we all know if we do that, we will give in to temptation so I make coffee instead.  Just before the girls leave I get a tickle in my throat and I realise, someone has just passed on a germ!  Damn it….I have managed to avoid everyone’s germs all year long. Friends and associates have been going down with lergies and I have been hoping and jumping over them due to my daily dose of Echinacea and herbal bits and bobs.

I wake up the next morning with a head cold, earache and I can feel my glands. Great! Can’t believe I had sat in, with the radiator on and no windows open with a bunch of lergie carriers when I have ran out of Echinacea! There go my plans for little shopping trips.

On the positive side, I do have a script to finish as we; ‘The DT’s’, are putting on a play/musical at the end of March. After the last panto, everyone had enjoyed it so much, that we decided to continue as a group. A version of Grease was suggested and while I appreciate that it would be good fun, realistically it is a bit ambitious.  Instead, I am writing a bespoke script around the group to suit their individual talents and writing songs to suit their musical abilities. I am having a great time writing it…… I just hope they like it when it’s finished!  Of course, in this respect being sick at home has been a great benefit.

Kuçuk Murat

Saturday, around lunchtime, the phone rings; it’s Ayfare. I answer and little Murat is shouting down the phone ‘Kym abla hadi gel’. Little Murat is three years old and like with his older sister Helin, we have a very close bond. He is always ringing me and telling me he loves me and to come to the village to see him. When I do arrive in the village he flings himself at me like he has just been shot from a cannon and clings on for dear life. This time however I tell him I can’t come to visit as I’m not well.  Ayfare takes over the conversation and tells me I must come to the village where they can look after me and feed me soup but I fob her off by telling her my English friend is here and I am not alone (god forbid they find out I am alone – they would be on the doorstep in twenty minutes!).

This sets the village jungle drums off and before you know it, my mother in law and various uncles have rang and invited me to stay. I fob them off with the same answer. Later, Murat rings from Istanbul. He has heard I am sick and not only has his mum rang him and told him to get himself home, little Murat has told him he must come home because Kym abla is hasta! Bless them, I do love them all but it’s only a cold!!

It is still sunny here but oh so cold outside so, I’ve been at home since Saturday, munching on raw garlic, brewing herbal teas and potions and trying to keep the infection away from my chest. It seems to have worked, although I am still a bit snotty. Murat was due home on Monday but due to the snow in Istanbul he got stuck on the bus with his cousin Mehmet for sixteen hours in Bursa! I had run out of tissue by that point and was down to just eight napkins! An emergency text to Deli Shelly resulted in not just tissue but a food parcel too (choose your friends wisely people and make sure some of them are great cooks!).

When Mu finally got home last night the poor sod was knackered. He lay on the sofa, put the remote in its rightful place (his hand) and went to spark up. Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Before the flint had a chance to work its fire magic I started coughing (pretend of course) and told him no way could he smoke around me as I’m not better yet. He went and had a fag in the study but I know he won’t keep that up for long.

I have always said that I smoke because I want to and it is true although many people don’t believe that. I have on many occasions taken a few days off smoking just because I felt like it and I don’t get tetchy, angry or aggressive without it.  Strangely enough, smoking makes me hungry where as with most people I know, it acts as an appetite suppressant. Clearly, we are all made different and I have been lucky in this respect.

I know it’s going to be tough with Murat home, not because I will be tempted to smoke but because of the smell. I do hope I am not going to turn into one of those dreaded ex-smokers who complain all the time.

Well, I’d better get back to that script now. I’m 6000 words in and 5 songs down. Two more scenes and a group song for the finale should do it I think.

Have a great day x