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I’m suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Over the past few weeks I have been a 20 something male on his stag do with a bunch of old gits, a 50 something female holiday rep who is also a gobby alcoholic, a 30 something female who likes to dance, sing and gossip and a 40 something married man who is about to break out of the closet.  No wonder I am feeling worn out and confused!!

Writing a play/musical for me is the easy part. I am happy to sit behind a keyboard and create life! I like working out characters, making up scenarios, writing songs, choreographing dances and tying them all together into a nice little Virgoan package. I have no desire to tread the boards and find the bright lights terrifying. I would say, performing on stage hits pretty high on my top ten list of worst nightmares and borders on phobia.

The DT’s (short for Didim Thespians) are a newly formed drama group made up of cast members from the last pantomime.  A nice bunch that gelled well and decided they would like to continue as a group. So we did.  Our next offering ‘Someone Like You’ will be performed in April in aid of the local children’s charity. It’s part play, part musical and is scripted to reflect reality……unlike panto. It is coming along quite well but, as yet, we have not had a full cast at rehearsals and yours truely has had to step up to the plate and into whatever shoes need filling.  While doing this of course, I cannot direct and the closer it gets to the first week in April, the more nervous I get.

A great performance reflects on the actor but should anything go wrong, well, the director gets it!!

Ooooof ya, it’s a hard life!  Perhaps I should retain the personality of the 20 something male for a week and chill out?……Still, Murat might have something to say about that!