I know I have neglected my blog a little bit of late as we have been rather busy with rehearsals……sorry.

There is a lot to catch up on but little time so, I thought I would relay a little story that had me howling with laughter last night……

Yesterday I was at Clint’s all afternoon and we had been arranging music and vocals for the play. Clint is now retired but in a former life was a radio presenter and DJ who at one point worked on the infamous Radio Caroline. Without a doubt he has lead a rock & roll life and has plenty of stories to tell, but I am digressing….

After a day like that all I want to do is lounge around on the sofa and watch TV, which I am making a great success of when my phone rings…

It’s one of my girlfriends and after the ‘how are you’ formalities she launches into the following story:

A few days ago, her and her husband had bumped into a Turkish friend and during their conversation they casually mention wild boar, saying ‘if you know of anyone that can get any, let us know’.

Two nights later as they sit down for a special evening meal to say goodbye to another friend who is returning home to England, the phone rings. It’s the Turkish guy telling them that the boar is ready, they need to come ‘now’ and he will come and get them.

He arrives and the three of them set off into the night. They drive for around 15 minutes on the road then take a dirt track that leads into the wilderness. (At this point my friend tells me she gets a bit concerned…understandable!).

They park the car, get out and are standing in an unlit field where they stand for over half an hour. Eventually a single beam of light shines down from a hill and then starts to approach them. Its dark and they can’t see exactly what it is that’s coming until it’s just a few feet in front of them. What is it? It’s a digger and in its jaws is a huge wild boar.  The Turks are smiling in a ‘didn’t we do well’ kind of way and it dawns on my friend and her husband that the boar will not be coming in neat little packages but like this, simply huge and au natural.

Between them they cram it into the boot and make their way home, thinking WTF are we going to do with this now!

As luck would have it, their neighbour is a butcher and he spends the entire next day executing his trade. I understand it was not a pretty sight.

When it comes to Turks, you need to be careful what you say, as most of the time you get exactly what you asked for…… it’s just never in the ‘PC’ EU way you are used to!