Bye bye baby

This Saturday we took a little trip to Aydin, to look at cars. Cars, are always a bone of contention between us because…..well, let me start at the beginning…

Two summers ago, we had two cars. Murat with his Mercedes transporter, great for family road trips to Urfa and great for business and me, with a beautiful Honda Civic that reminded me of a panther; black as night, sleek, low slung and the dash lit up in blue neon at night. I did love it but, on these roads well, I felt every single bump and dip along them unfinished as they were and I hated to drive it for fear of damaging the suspension.

So, we sold them and bought the Captiva, brand spanking new off the forecourt at a price that made me draw in breath and forget to release it.  I have never bought a brand new car before, I mean whats the point? In the UK as a rule why spend that kind of money on a car when you can get really decent second hand ones for a song!

The Captiva was a beaut. Solid, streamlined, automatic, comfortable interior, spacious and 4×4 and it simply  smiled at these treacherous roads as it floated over them but, there was a downside and it definitely had the Grrrrrr factor.

Grrrrrr no 1: 6 CD multi player. No matter how many times I inserted a Texas, Eva, India or Coldplay CD, I could guarantee that whenever I next got in the car, it would have been replaced with Ahmet, Ibo or Ferat ……. In each and every slot!  My CD’s would now be strewn in the glove box sans case, notching up the scratches.

Grrrrrrrr no 2: Weddings. Having a nice car and a big family means you lose it every time there is a wedding. It becomes the wedding car and you yourself will arrive at said wedding in rented heap to see your wheels, shining brightly and bedecked in flowers and red ribbon posing for the camera. It won’t even give you a second look as you pass it with a fake grin plastered to your face.

Grrrrrrr no 3: Shared.  This means that even though your husband owns a Real Estate Office AND a Rentacar office, he will still take the car every day. If you want to drive somewhere you have to ring him and book a slot in the diary. He will then deliver the car at the appointed time (unless he has customers) and you can then drive him back to the office and drop him off before going on your merry way. Being quite an impromptu person, this one really pee’s me off!

Grrrrrr no 4: Day trips with family. Should this trip be one with certain male elders of the family or certain male cousins then you will be expected to sit in the back with the wife of said male and at least one child guaranteed.

Grrrrrr no 4: Empty. On those rare occasions when he leaves you the car, the petrol light will be flashing

Grrrrrr no 5: He doesn’t understand why any of the above bothers you

You can imagine the arguments can’t you?

We heatedly discuss selling it many times but Murat keeps putting it off. Last week we had yet another humdinger of a row and I expect, as usual, nothing to happen but……Murat comes home one evening and tells me he has sold the car to one of his friends who just happened to be visiting from Urfa. Great I say, when is it going?

‘Oh, it’s already gone’ he replies. Grrrrrrr no 6 and now the shared option is not looking so bad!

I am not the only one to mourn the loss of the Captiva however as when Murat tells his mum he has sold he car, she cries….This is not because she loved the car but because she thinks his ‘economy’ has ‘gone down’ bless her!

As we are going back to two cars, I spend the next few days looking online at cars to determine what I want and most definitely what I don’t want. I don’t want anything, flimsy, tinny or low slung and I want diesel and after a lot of searching, I decide on a Dacia Stepway.

Hello Cutie

Back to yesterday’s trip and as we leave Didim Murat starts to tell me the plan for the day and how we are going to look in all the showrooms! Errrrrrr, no I don’t think so I already know what I want and here comes the row!  His opening gambit is: ‘Dacia is a copy of Renault’, my reply ‘so what’. You see the thing with Murat is he wants to buy cars that are easy to sell on, easy to get parts for and basically what he likes the look of. I on the other hand don’t want to have my options narrowed down and be manipulated into getting the car that he would prefer and I know he is aiming for a Megane or a Golf. I’m pretty mad at this point, I mean, I won’t get to be this vocal when it comes to him choosing his car will I.

A heated discussion ensues, its loud but it certainly passes the time and before you know it we are pulling into the Renault Showroom.  We enter and are greeted by a salesman who, after a brief discussion with Murat, takes us back outside to show us the car. Murat with a smirk on his face, points to the car and say’s;  ‘This? This is what you want Kym?’ and I laugh; he obviously hasn’t listened as he is pointing at the basic Sandero, a small unappealing boxy type car. My turn to pull a face and it’s a grin as I then point to the far side at the Stepway. Murat’s smirk disappears and as we take a good look at the car and the salesman explains how economical it is, I can see Murat’s opinion changing, albeit begrudgingly.

OK so the inside is not a patch on the Captiva but so what? The car is solid, it’s not cramped inside, it’s a nice shape, it’s diesel, it has air con and a CD player and it will suit me down to the ground. I’m happy.

As we stand there at the back of the car checking the boot, I say to Murat ‘you like it don’t you’. He rolls his eyes, pulls a face, half laughs and says ‘yes yes’ so of course I have to rub it in….all the way home……