I should, by rights, have the mother of hangovers today but, by some strange twist of fate, I have escaped.

Last night’s 80’s revival night was an absolute scream with everyone giving it their all and dancing the night away. So many of my fellow revellers dressed up, there were Madonna’s everywhere!  Tutus and legwarmers were the order of the night and that was not just the ladies. Looking at the many photos on Facebook today, it’s clear to see, everyone just loved the 80’s.

Friends from Turgutreis were down for the night and I’d picked them up on the way to the do, telling Murat to meet me at the venue later. Of course, he had not seen my outfit so had rather a shock at the size of my hair and my bright orange eye shadow!  He himself did not don an outfit and casting my eye around I didn’t actually spot any Turks that had participated.  It seems that ‘fancy dress’ has not figured too heavily in Turkish society.

Originating from Italy in the 15th Century , carnival gowns and masks were soon to be found at the  grand masquerade balls with the trend spreading throughout Europe and eventually reaching my home town of London roundabout the 18th Century.  These events gradually evolved into the costume parties (aka fancy dress) that are so popular today. It was said in those times that such events were distasteful and some even predicted that costume dress would be responsible for the downfall of civilisation! Rather strong that but I can see how they may have thought the events Immoral, I mean all that dressing up and hiding ones identity can of course lead to a more ‘risqué’ behaviour, perhaps bordering on depravity….Who knows, that could account for the lack of it here among the Turks?

Entertainment on the night was provided by my son (a professional singer) who was actually born in 1987 and therefore whose knowledge of 80’s songs was minimal….until last week that is. Since then I have been subjected to 80’s music every waking hour but, no complaints from me about that as it brought back some fabulous memories and reminded me of what a fun decade it was. He picked a full range of songs so we were treated to a mix of ska, rock, pop, r&b from greats such as George, Elton, Freddy, Michael, Axle and not forgetting Pet Shop Boys and the like.

Jordan (my son) entered the world dancing and singing and it was very clear from day one that he would chose a career on the stage.   His current goal is to save enough money to get him on a one year post grad course at Mountview for the princely sum of £14,000.  He spent last summer season on an entertainment contract in Cyprus, last winter in UK Panto and was again due to return to Cyprus this March but, being selfish, I have asked him to stay here with me this season and gig in Turkey.   As a mother, I have always made a point in being realistic with Jordan and while I have tried to encourage and support, I have also tried not to give false hope as it is so hard to break into the business these days. However, saying that, I do think he has a great talent and it is a source of comfort to me when this is reiterated by an audience. Comments from last night alone ranged from ‘god given talent’, ‘fantastic stage presence’ ‘phenomenal voice’ and ‘potential to go all the way to the top’.   Some of the comments came from a guy who had been in the music business and had managed bands internationally, he said, in his time, he had never even had a singer that was as good as Jordan and still they had found work all over the world.   Turkish audiences are bound to be different but speaking to the Turkish owner of last night’s venue, he tells me that in Turkey they describe someone like Jordan as a ‘velvet voice’ and so far, those Turks that have commented seem to love listening to it.

I am glad he has a goal and is prepared to work hard to get into Musical theatre and I hope that he never decides to  just settle for  a life on the ‘entertainment circuit’ as that is not his dream.  After all, he is only 24 and at that age, well, we should have all been unstoppable!  Still, he will always have that to fall back on in the event he doesn’t make the West End 😉

As cleverly predicted by those 17th century killjoys, the night did indeed descend into ‘distasteful’ behaviour in the form of ‘planking’ (lots of horizontal neon in the photos), the prize going to my friend from Turgutreis who took it to new heights by climbing to the highest point and laying himself over a huge drop! Then came the ‘pap shots’ as we all took turns in pretending to be celebs caught in the act of drunkenly falling out of a nightclub. From the photos, it’s pretty clear that I won that one!  Finally the stupid o-clock in the morning need for food delivery, the cab, the milk thistle and huge glass of water before bed, which the more you try to make quietly the more it seems to echo throughout the house and in particular reverberates around the bedroom where your other half is sleeping, and lastly, the collapse, fearing the possibility of hangover when you wake.  As you have read, by some miracle I escaped that but the throat bug that I have been keeping at bay with garlic and Echinacea was in full stampede so it’s been a day on the sofa for me with Mu on a visit to the village and Jordan making me food and getting me drinks….well, I do need to keep him grounded don’t I!