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This week I read a brilliant comment on Facebook from a Turkish man. There is a heavy debate going on in one of the groups about ‘sex tourism’ and of course, as with every given subject, there are many different points of view. I personally do not join in but occasionally, when the feed pops up and it looks like there is something interesting going on, I will take a peek.  The current conversation has ranged from the ‘older woman, younger Turk’ scenario, the ‘under 16’s and the Turk’ and the ‘larger lady with tattoo’s’ and the Turk and, the fact that these are all European women and Turkish men.  Anyway, the ‘debate’ is in full flow and up pops this Turkish guy and say’s ‘If you keep your meat in the fridge, then the dogs can’t get at it’. I thought that was quite brilliant and definitely worth sharing, so there, I’ve now shared it with you.

I’ve got to say that this subject is as old as the hills and has been heavily debated in bars and on forums in all the time I’ve been here and, probably a long time before that too.  Along with the price of Efes from bar to bar, street dogs and uneven roads. The people come and go but these subjects never seem to change.

I think Facebook it taking over the world, one subscriber by one subscriber. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a fantastic way to catch up with far away friends and relatives and the sale groups seem popular, but there are so many groups set up now it’s too much for me.  I have of course been guilty of sitting on Facebook for hours but normally I’m looking at relatives photos or chatting online to friends…..but hold on a minute, some of those friends only live round the corner to me!  I have also been guilty of chatting to my son or husband by Facebook when they are in the next room. It’s ridiculous.  I remember many years ago reading a work of fiction about a place where everyone was given a computer and slowly slowly they ended up spending all their time on it until their fingers physically joined the keyboard and they became part of the computer. This was way before ‘The Matrix’ before you ask!

The majority of the year, when I look out of my window, there is blazing sunshine.  There are beautiful beaches within five minutes of where I sit and if I walked a few seconds I could be in the pool.  Good friends are a few minutes away if I feel like a coffee and……phew I know it’s a bit risky but….a proper face to face chat, then I don’t have far to go.

When I lived in the UK I would use the computer to look for holidays and gaze longingly at photos of beautiful beaches while the rain drizzled constantly down my window pane.  Having the good fortune to now live in such a place, I’m not going to waste my days online.

There’s a real world out there and its mine for the taking. I’ll just make sure my meats in the fridge before I go out 😉