Dancing with Achilles Tendonitis is really not a good idea, especially when you feel it pop just as you are strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor.  For me that resulted in a plaster cast, crutches and instructions not to put any weight at all on my left foot (I feel a film title coming on).

The Doctor at the hospital said my tendon was inflamed and it needed rest but I knew I had ruptured it as I had felt it go!  Still, sometimes you just have to shut up and have a bit of faith.

Hmmmmm 14 days in bed, in a plaster cast, in Turkey, in August, what a tantalising prospect!

I managed 10 days.  In those 10 days I watched 4 seasons of True Blood, 3 seasons of Cougar Town and more films than you can shake a stick at.  Murat was working and fasting so he was out all day and night which meant house stuff and ‘looking after me’ jobs landed in Jordan’s lap. Fortunately he knows his way around the kitchen and I’d told him to keep it healthy as the last thing I wanted was even flabbier thighs due to a longish period of inactivity. He did for the most part although on occasion he would throw a Canga at me through the bedroom door and snigger at my lack of willpower (Canga = similar to a picnic but minus the raisins).

Jordan was gigging every night so I had the nights all to myself and these were spent in Louisiana & Florida (True Blood and Cougar Town).

The most horrifying thought was not being able to have a shower, but, where there’s a will, there’s a way and a plastic chair in the wet room sufficed, even if the position was a little risky and not very comfortable.

Of course the telling side of any such crisis is the reaction from the people around you. It really does sort out the wheat from the chaff and you come to realise just who your friends are….or not as the case maybe.  Initially, this may be an unpleasant revelation but, in the long run, it’s wildly liberating.

All in all I managed 10 days then got Murat to drive me down to Dr Bulent who took it off early for me (really what difference is 4 days going to make!).  I’ve never been in a cast before so I was not prepared for the circular saw and as it cut through the plaster completely and came out a brownish colour I was convinced it was slicing my leg!  No, just my over active imagination again. After the deed was done, Bulent had a prod and said; ‘it’s broken’ (the tendon that is) which gave me the god given right to turn to Murat and say ‘see I told you’.

Anyway, the saga continues. I still can’t walk properly (but I can drive yay!), I’ve trawled the internet for information on ‘the operation’ versus ‘immobilisation’ and both seem to dictate a 6-8 week recovery period. This blows my mind. There is just no way I can do that as In the next little while I’ve got plans in place….A trip to the Health Farm, a birthday trip to Istanbul and a flight booked to the UK for a bit of rain and shopping.  Plus, these circumstances and this environment are really not conducive to me being incapacitated. The only possible solution is to go and stay in the village where my every whim would be met but (and it’s a huge BUT), the toilets are Ala Turk (squat drop) and would be impossible to use with my foot in a cast or immobilised in any way.

I am going to try and see the Doc at the hospital again tomorrow and I will insist on a scan this time. At least then I will be better informed to consult with Doctor Google and make a decision on what is literally my next step!