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It’s not often I talk about the price of beer (or alcohol in general) but, I’m sure there will be plenty of annoyed people here in Turkey today when they hear the news about the price hike…….

This morning it was announced that Alcohol prices will increase by 25%. In other words, a 49tl bottle of Raki will now cost a whopping 60tl, that’s really going to please the Turks who like to partake in the national tipple. I can’t imagine the Brits will be jumping for joy either, especially as ‘the price of beer’ is already a hot topic.

To add insult to injury, cigarettes will increase by around 15% and Tapu fees will go up from 3.3% to 4%. Obviously, this affects both natives and foreigners but I do wonder what will happen to the tourism figures (as if they haven’t suffered enough). Friends and acquaintances have been complaining all year about the high cost of flight tickets. Some, will have paid the high costs knowing that at least their two-week holiday in the sun is cost-effective when they get here, especially the drinkers and smokers but after this news, well, will they bother next year?

The tourists at least have a choice but for the natives, the cost of living just went up in smoke. I’m not a political animal, nor do I pretend to understand politics in any depth but on the face of it, it seems to me, this would be a good way to enforce low paid Turks to give up the booze and the fags, in line with the good book. As for the yabanci’s, well, I think we may see another mass exodus and who’s to say this was not the plan…….