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As the weekly photo challenge is ”kiss” I am using this one 🙂

I have chosen a photo from Cappadocia to represent the day. I was wandering with my camera when I came across these two lovers, forever in stone. It reminds me of Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ so I am calling it ‘Tas Opucugu” which means ‘Stone Kiss’ in Turkish.

I also wrote a five minute poem to go with it – An experiment in ‘free verse’ so it’s not meant to rhyme.



They thought no-one was looking as they stole a kiss

But the heavenly spies were out

The Gods were quick in their retribution

And laughed as they turned them to stone

But who are the winners I ask myself?

Bitter gods with their shackles of power

Or two happy souls no longer alone

Lip to lip and together forever

Happy Valentines Day to you. Whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with or without, I hope you’re day is filled with love and, if the Gods allow, extra stuff like chocolate, flowers, wine and shoes….never forget about the shoes 😉 x