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I have today, as part of my blog clean up campaign, added a new page to this site entitled ‘Useful Sites and Great Blogs’.  

On it I have listed the blogs I read and the sites I browse most regularly. This is not a complete list as there are some I am still mooching around and getting to know so, more to come later.

Is anyone wondering why I have used a photo of strawberries for this post?  Well, there are two reasons:

1) ancient Romans believed that the berries alleviated the symptoms of melancholy so, if you are feeling down, a delve into one of these blogs will fix that.

2) a strawberry is heart shaped and I am saying I love the blogs on my list.

We all have likes, dislikes and perspectives so maybe my ‘hot’ is your ‘not’ but, you won’t know until you try will you?

Most of these guys are pretty prolific, they are all interesting and have plenty to say and some take amazing photos, I enjoy them all for different reasons and I hope you will love them too and find some new favourites among them.

To the bloggers on my list that are reading this; Thank you for making me smile 🙂 x

There are a few I have not listed because, they have not posted for such a long time and I want to catch up with them first to make sure they are still blogging (yes I mean you Brit Mum, you Cilgin Kız and you Levent).

So here we have it…..drum roll please………..click here to taste the strwawberries: Useful Sites and Great Blogs