We are all different yet all the same

We are all different yet all the same

I received an email yesterday from a girl that had just found my blog. For the purpose of this blog, I will call her ‘Kate’.  The email was not in relation to the blog but a cry for help.

Like me, she lives in Turkey but unlike me, she lives in a non-tourist town. Like me she is married to a Turk but unlike me, she is a stay at home mum. These two things define her life and I can imagine her sadness at having no one to talk to in her own language.

She wonders ‘ if you might have felt like me when you first moved to Turkey!’’

She asks: ‘’is it normal to cry alot and miss England so much’

She say’s ‘’ im really not good’’

And, at the end, she apologises by saying: ‘’Sorry, I hope it was ok to write to you’’

When you own a blog and put your life on line for all to see you have, in effect, put your head above the parapet. It’s now open season on your stories, photos, thoughts and ideas and anyone that comes across them can have their say. That’s all part and parcel of it and for the most part, the response is normally good.

If we bloggers become the subject for anything or anyone nasty, we can ignore and delete their comments and block their email address. It may make us feel bad for a while but that’s temporary.

At the other end of the scale though is the positive, the fact that we are in a position to help someone that has stumbled across us and for whatever reason, taken a leap of faith in writing to us.

For me, the most important thing to do was reply immediately. The second thing I did was try and find her on Facebook by her email address. It wasn’t registered. From there I went onto one of the groups that I am a member of : ’UK Nationals with Turkish Husbands/Wifes/Partners’’.

I wrote a message and asked if there was anyone living in the girl’s area of Turkey.  None so far are but as usual, there are plenty of responses, plenty of suggestions and plenty of offers of help for her.  These kind of groups are invaluable in a situation such as this.  It’s a case of ‘we have all been in the same boat’ and now we are in the water learning to swim. Some are still wearing armbands, some are moving along nicely at a breaststroke and some are whistle blowing lifeguards.  Most important of all though; none will let you drown.

As of posting, she has not replied to my emai. I hope she does as I have some suggestions and contacts for her.

So Kate, if you are reading this, get in touch either with me here or, if you have Facebook from a different account, apply to join the group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/300500159962910/.

You are not alone