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It all started with a pair of boots….. These boots to be precise.


I thought…Funky!!

Anyway, it turns out these are made by one of the ladies who will be selling her wares at  ‘Kayakoy Connections 2013’ and this photo was posted by journalist and cyber friend Jane.. ‘Come on down for it’ she said, ‘it’s gonna be great’.

I agree, it looks great. It looks right up my street in fact but it’s in April.

‘What’s wrong with April?” – Well nothing ordinarily but it’s now March and for the past 5 months I have been in the UK. I will be going home soon and when I get there I will have a lot of catching up to do, with friends of course and more importantly with family. There have been births, marriages and deaths while I have been away and I foresee many hours village time in my future. Running off to Kayakoy is just not gonna cut it!

But that’s me….If nothing is stopping you, then off you go….no of course I’m not jealous……hands off the boots though ok.

Here is the info, courtesy of ‘Cultural Connections”

”Cultural Connections is an annual celebration of literature, film, art, music, dance and food… all the stuff of life that links humanity throughout the world. Both stimulating, challenging, occasionally provocative and always fun, Cultural Connections is an excitingly different and thought provoking way to explore the things that bring people together.

This five-day event, Kayaköy Connections 2013 will celebrate the Kaya valley in southwest Turkey, its long history, rich culture and links with Greece. Acclaimed authors Louis de Bernières, Victoria Hislop, Jeremy Seal will be travelling from the UK and Sofka Zinovieff will be joining them from Athens. Others, from Turkey, Greece, yet to be decided, will join them to take part in a range of thought provoking, fun and entertaining events and gatherings.”

You can find out more here: Cultural Connections 2013