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red noseAs you may know, I am currently in the UK. I am very homesick and the time just isn’t flying by like it should. I do know, the time will eventually come and I will be back on Turkish soil but until then, I am doing English stuff like watching ‘Comic Relief’

Comic Relief has been a roller coaster for the emotions for 25 years.  It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, cringe, frown and feel both guilty and grateful. It knows how to push buttons that ring deep within you. It parades a cast of well-meaning celebrities who give their all for free as they tempt you to dig deep into your pockets and send money for Africa.  It is humanity at its best.

When they think of Africa, people of my generation have the same pictures in their head, the same music in their ears. Their memory will play back a scene where a small body, wrapped in bandage, lies on the dirt to the sound of ‘Drive’ by The Cars.  I’m sure none of us will ever forget ‘Live Aid’ or the horrendous hairdo’s of those 80’s Icons who pleaded with us to ‘Feed the World’’. But it wasn’t the world as such, it was Africa, it was 1985.  It was 28 years ago.

I watched until midnight last night. The last call out was 66 million pounds. 66 million pounds from the people of the UK. 66 M I L L I O N pounds and that was obviously not the end total. There was more to come.

Last night I watched people starving; Last night I watched children convulsing and last night I watched babies dying. Wait a minute….back up…what was that? ‘Last night I watched babies dying?…. Babies?….. B A B I E S?

You are telling me that for 28 years this poor underprivileged nation has been supported by the people of the UK and none of the money raised has gone toward contraception?  A country of mothers dying of HIV, dying of starvation, dying of disease and they are still having babies?

Now before you start shouting at me and calling me hard hearted, let me tell you I watched last night with tears running down my face. No-one should suffer like that, let alone babies…there’s that word again.

I watched as one mother lay on a dirt floor. A mother living with HIV. I watched as 2 of her children sat slumped lethargically against the wall and I watched as the celeb pointed out a 2 day old baby lying on the floor.  What is wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you shall I. There is no husband. The woman has been infected by HIV for a few years. It’s not like she has a few bob to go down her local and after one too many and a quick fumble find herself with a bun in the oven so, please tell me how does she have a 2 day old baby? And more importantly why?  Where is the responsibility here?

Do not talk to me about her ‘human rights’ because that would involve humanity and to bring a child into this world under those conditions is not humane.

Is there anyone out there readıng thıs that can enlighten me? Is there anyone that knows if these people have at least been offered contraception?  If any of the millions enticed from pockets of the people of the United Kingdom have been allocated to contraception?  Isn’t that a logical step?  Offer contraception by injection for a couple of years to at least give us a chance to catch up instead of this constant fire fighting.

With our actions we have told these poor people that we will continue supporting them no matter what they do. Sure carry on with the sex, carry on having babies, its fine, no problem we love watching their huge eyes roll back into their heads, we love watching their protruding belly’s struggle for breath, we love watching worms wriggling out of their noses. We love watching them die.

Last night I watched David Tenant in Africa, I watched as he welled up.  I watched as he faced the camera and made a speech about people who don’t donate. I watched as he, with an emotion bordering on aggression, raised his voice at me and asked ‘is it you’?’.  I shouted at the TV; ‘’yes it bloody well is. It is me that will make a charity choice and it is me that will always choose the NSPCC’’.

When you read any survival manual, it will always tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Only then can you really help others.