I am off to Urfa next week with the Mother in Law and it will be her first time on a plane.  When I ask her if she is nervous she shrugs nonchalantly and says “no” but I’m sure, the minute those engines start to roar, she will whip out her tespi and start praying.

It’s just for a week and I hear it is around 50 degrees there at the minute.  Murat assures me that ‘Haci Amca’ has the air con open 24 hours a day which pleases me as this time, I have forgone the hotel and am staying at the relies; rolled up mattress on the floor and room sharing with the rest of the females.

Headscarves are being packed, alongside ankle length skirts and long sleeved tops but I have made sure the clothes are all cotton at least. It’s a funny thing being covered in the heat; surprisingly, in some ways, it is cooler. I’m not sure how that works but it does, maybe some nice science bod can tell me why?

In any event, I am not the slightest bit bothered as, after four years, I am about to return to the site of Gobeklitepe and catch up on the progress made.  I’m very excited about that!  Other excursions are planned too; we are off to visit Dursun’s  older brother in his village that sits on the side of a lake, surrounded by Mother Nature; looking forward to that.  I will of course revisit Balikligol, feed the fish and drink cay as I listen to the hiss and splash of the Ayn Zeliha fountain but, as we are only there for a week, I have decided not to revisit any of the places I have seen before and have challenged Haci Amca to show me interesting new places.  Not forgetting of course the shopping. I will have to do a bit of that!

Murat booked the tickets on Saturday – I think he was fed up with my stalling and fed up with the phone calls from Urfa saying “when is she coming?”  It was not that I didn’t want to go but because I have been faffing around with the book and my internet will be limited in Urfa.  If it wasn’t the bio, it was the blurb and then after that it was the strapline, which must have changed at least a hundred times (didn’t it Magi lol). I was driving myself mad and would have continued to do so, had Murat not taken the decision out of my hands.  Anyway, that’s all done now so “‘let the chips fall where they may” as they say.  Of course, when that was finished, I thought I deserved a little break and took off with a girlfriend yesterday to a little forest hideaway for a full day of indulgence and a bit of tan topping up.  After all, there will be no bikini wearing for me in Urfa.

Camera is packed; let’s see what adventures it can capture this time!