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Finding yourself on Amazon is scary enough to produce a big yelp and, set you off running around the room like a div until you stub your toe on the sofa. Next you find out that none of your friends are online and so, you launch into a conversation with yourself where you try to stop your other self from hyperventilating. After that, when you find there is no alcohol in the fridge, you celebrate with a cup of tea and realise that you now need to parade yourself up and down the internet catwalk shouting “look at me” when you’d really rather not. At this point, it’s good to procrastinate and find some more important things to do….

a)      Play Criminal Case on Facebook

b)      Head to the beach for fear of losing your tan

c)       Housework (yep that desperate)

Let a week or so go by with an innocent “Oh I really don’t know where the time goes” then, when you can’t put it off any longer, lock yourself in, strap yourself to the sofa and get on with it.

So here I am, strapped to the sofa and in my best internet garb, parading…….

I think you can probably tell that I have been very reluctant to do the self-promotion but, needs must and one very big thing I must point out is this. I am not in it for the money, I couldn’t care less about that. To be able to say I am a Published Author is quite simply mad and wonderful and that title is worth more to me than all the money in the world.

Last April, when I received an email from Adrian of Blogging Books, he asked if I would be interested in turning a selection of my blogs into a book. To that, I was not interested.  However, as I had already written an actual book in 2006, I asked if that could be used instead. He agreed.

Blogging Books is a trademark of German Publisher AV Akademikervaerla GmbH. They normally publish academic books, those of a scientific or historical nature; you know, the kind of grown up tomes you will find on the shelves of the well-read.

From how I understand it, they are branching out and looking for new authors and I was of course delighted that they contacted me. As you may know, I am one of those people who believe in fate and so, when I was approached and had ascertained that they would publish my book instead of a collection of my blogs, I just thought “OK, I’m in” and jumped in with both feet. However, there were a couple of things that I needed to do along the way and these were to prevent me from looking like a complete fool.

As someone that just writes with no real goal in mind, I have no idea if it is good enough for a wider audience. I know that some of you like my blog and I am very flattered by that. I come across people who say they love my style of writing and I am also very flattered by that. But, there will always be a niggle. Always self-doubt. My ego is not actually that big!

When I say, “I wrote a book in 2006,” it means just that. It wasn’t the first and I doubt it will be the last and although I write them, it doesn’t mean that I want them to be published. The first book I wrote took on a form of therapy and I would never try to put that out there. That terrifies me. The second was just a story that formed in my head and turned into lots of pages. The third? Well now, that is the one that I really like and intend to finish one day. It’s the one that I want to rent a cottage in the woods for and seclude myself like a hermit while I live only in that story and get it all down on paper without interruption.

Anyway, back to the here and now, I had to make sure that this book was not a pile of crap.

I resurrect the book from 2006 and to my horror, I find it full of mistakes and difficult to read as it doesn’t quite flow right.  As I read I grimace, mentally correcting bits and blush as I am embarrassed for myself. I realise that my writing has evolved so much since then and so, I edit, edit, edit and when I’m done, I edit some more.

After that, I procrastinate a little more. When I stop that, I send the book to professional, honest friends whose opinions I respect.

A sought after Education Director

A super successful Author

A focussed & fabulous Journalist

During that period of time, I feel sick.  I feel stupid and say things to myself like

“Really Kym, who do you think you are?”


“What right have you got to have a book published?”


“These people are going to laugh at you”

It’s a form of self-bullying I think.

When my three graces had read my efforts, they contacted me with their opinions. If just one of them had told me it was crap, I would not have gone ahead. I would simply have buried the book on my hard drive and gone happily back to the way I was before. You see, I believe everyone has a book in them. I believe everyone has a story and I know, without a doubt, that the story will get lost if the book is badly written. I know that because I have picked up some fascinating stories and then struggled to read them because they were written by people with no experience of writing. It shows.

I also know this blog is long winded. I am procrastinating even while I am writing it!

To the point…..The book is out there. It’s been out there since 6th August on one of the Publishers partner sites,  “More Books” and it’s been on Amazon com and co.uk for about a week, possibly more. If you are at all interested, you can find it here: Amazon

Also, I now have a dedicated page for the book here on my blog and it has some reviews that have been taken from Amazon and Good Reads: The Book Here

I know there are a lot of bloggers who dream of becoming published authors. I know that there is a possible opportunity for them to do that with Blogging Books but I would say, forget about ego and give it plenty of thought before you go chasing after that dream. Is it really good enough? If I had gone with my book in its 2006 version, I would have died of embarrassment at what I put out there. Make sure that what you put out there does not come back and bite you on the arse. Get things checked by professionals first, not your mates, your neighbour or the man in the newsagents. Of course, if you are only interested in a collection of blogs in a book then, why not?

I can’t give you any more advice than that but, if you already consider yourself an author, then I believe I know a man that can: http://www.authorsdb.com/authors-services/4592-author2author

I am now going to hit the “publish” button….really I am……any second now…….