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Sunday LunchIt’s all gone a bit quiet on the blog front I know, but I have been a tad busy…..

As usual, my packing was done the night before I left even though I had booked my ticket a good month in advance. I just can’t help myself and as much as I want to be Miss Organised, I tend to concentrate on spending quality time with people I care about instead of compartmentalising my suitcase.  As I am in the UK for a couple of months, I needed some memories to see me through and so it was that I shopped, lounged around the pool, drank wine, ate cheese and sang & danced with my good friends and then, made sure Melisa had enough biting that she does not forget me.

As the date of my flight got closer, my village folks got edgier…..

“How long are you going to UK for?” seemed to be the question on everyone’s lips; and then the inevitable

“You are coming back aren’t you?”

They remember my 2 month trip last year….the one that turned into a 7 month stay!

Leaving the country without ‘Vaio,’ my silver baby, was nerve wrecking but, she did have the cheek to get sick just before the Bayram holidays, leaving me strangely adrift.  Of course, it was dreadful leaving. Turkish Kym hugs her friends and her village family while their eyes are glistening and then, she cries her eyes out on the way to the airport. But, the minute she steps off the plane, English Kym shrugs off her Turkish life like a coat and undergoes a mental transition.

As a wife in one country and a mother in another, I am emotionally torn in two. It would be easier If my husband would come to the UK with me but he never seems to want to leave his beloved Turkey and of course, he suffers from panic attacks and is terrified to get on a plane.

Of course, I have spent the last five days clearing and organising 6 months worth of ‘boys flat share’ – You can imagine can’t you? On the more pleasurable side, I was soon reunited with Mr Wolf Blass, my social calendar for the coming months is filling up nicely and I’ve been to a country pub for Sunday lunch….Apple crumble and custard? Don’t mind if I do! When the waitress took our drinks order and I asked for a glass of wine, she responded with “medium or large?” – I just gave her the international sign of the eyebrow….no need for words.

My new blue baby arrived on Monday and boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do! First though, I need to find my way around Windows 8 which I will do, just as soon as the shops stop calling my name…………