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I’ve seen enough films to be familiar with 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, although I’ve never sashayed down the street in Louboutins like a Sex and the City diva.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I find myself in Manhattan………

Spying a link to my blog entitled peranyc.com, I moseyed on over to take a look and came face to face with “10 Good Turkish Travel Blogs” – and there I was, on the list with the following description:

“Beyond the clever name, this blog is witty and humorous. A British woman who has married a Turkish real estate agent and shares her stories about her in-laws and living in Turkey writes it. Not everything she writes is about Turkey but the entries that are offer great insight into living in this unique country. Reading good English humor will never get old.”

How nice is that?! Thank you Pera.

Of course, I did wonder why a New York Restaurant blog would write about Turkish Travel bloggers? Then, I read the “About Us” page and this is what I found:

“Pera derives its name from an elegant neighborhood in Istanbul that has served as the melting pot for many cultures and cuisines since the 17th century. The executive chefs lead a team of specialty cooks from Turkey and are collaboratively introducing lesser known mezes and meat preparations to a New York audience.”

Sounds fab doesn’t it? Obviously, I am rubbish with all the stuff that involves, checking stats and the like as the post was from July……but, I am highly delighted to find myself in Midtown Manhattan and, if I ever do nip across the pond, I will be sure to visit the delightful looking Pera, the Mediterranean Brasserie responsible for the post, although, I will be careful not to scuff their floors in my Louboutins!