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Ouch!When I woke up this morning, half naked and tied to a bed was not how I imagined my day….

For the last few weeks, I’ve had a painful right arm; first above the elbow and gradually creeping down the forearm.  I ignored it, thinking perhaps I’d just been carrying too many shopping bags recently. Of course, it got worse.

Doctor Google told me it was a pinched nerve and so, I started doing some exercises for that. It hurt. I mentioned this to my friend Julia and she said

“Oh you need Mr Lee”

“Mr Lee?” I queried

“Yes, my acupuncturist.

Phone number acquired, I call to make an appointment. He can see me today.

Mr Lee has a nice little practice, glass fronted and on a street corner. The windows are filled from top to bottom with sweet jars, all overflowing with weird and wonderful herbs.  I fill out a form and a few minutes later I am explaining my problem to Mr Lee, who says “yes” and nods a lot as he makes a few notes before telling me to lay down on the bed.

“What about my clothes?” I ask him

“Yes, take top off” he nods and stands there as I do.

I’m glad I have a decent bra on; a blue balconette with pink trim.

As instructed, I lay on my left side, facing the wall.  Mr Lee then grabs some black straps and starts to tie me down…….I’m a little bit freaked.

Nose to the wall, I wait for the first needle but instead, he flicks a switch and the black strap starts to vibrate as it delivers small electrical charges of pain. It’s like continually poking a dead arm as the pain travels all the way down to my hand. I grin and bear it.

Mr Lee leaves the room several times. Each time he returns he says

“Yoo alrigh?” I can’t help but smile

Around fifteen minutes later, the needles appear. He jabs them in my shoulder, my upper arm and beside my elbow. I don’t feel a thing.  Before he leaves the room again, he places a heat lamp over my shoulder.

I can’t actually feel my arm now which, is a good thing as I’ve been walking around with a constant pain for the last few weeks and it’s a relief to feel nothing.

Mr Lee pokes his head around the door again

“Yoo alrigh?”

I grin.

“Next I give you Massarge” he tells me as he pulls the needles out.  I’m looking forward to that; who doesn’t like a massage eh? But, it’s not quite what I expect.  He tells me to sit in the chair and there I sit, still without my top on. He stands behind me and starts to rub his hands up and down my arm, jiggling it about. The more he jiggles, the more the girls bob along like a boat in rough seas.

He is, of course, a pro and pays no attention to the performance taking place in my bra…the girls shaking their stuff on the balconette.  It’s surreal.

My arm is a little improved and I have another appointment booked in. Next time though, I think I’ll wear a vest……looks like Murat had it right all along!