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TimeSince being in the UK this winter, I have had to get used to a diary again. I’ve realised that I live a very spontaneous life on the Aegean Coast; life at the drop of a hat as it were.

Fancy a trip to the South East? easy, just ring the rellies and tell them we are coming – it’s not like they have to get a room ready, we just get floor space along with everyone else.

Don’t feel like making breakfast or dinner? easy, just tell the mother in law, the aunt, uncle, cousin or any akraba (relative) – we don’t need an appointment or an invitation.

Fancy a night on the town? Grab a friend and head down to any of the lively bars – it doesn’t have to be the weekend as they are open every night and hell, you can even do it in flip-flops if you feel like it.

Just feel like a chat and a cheeky glass of wine? Type “I NEED WINE” by text or Facebook message to a good friend and before you know it, you will be supping and chin-wagging on some balcony (yes Jo I’m talking about you).

And now, here I am in the UK for a bit and have had to get used to a whole new set of rules….albeit, long forgotten ones…….Friends will say

“oh, let’s do so and so.”  I reply with an “ok”  or a “sure”

And then….out comes the diary and the,

“I can’t do this day or that but, how about two weeks Tuesday?”

OK, I am exaggerating a little but, you get my drift.

In Turkey, I can often be heard to mutter “what day is it?” I have no idea as there, I live by the seasons not the calender and “time” is just a word, not a way of life.

Here in the UK, life is very structured and while it has masses of good points (shops, shoes, red wine, shops, the arts, museums, shops, concerts, and did I mention shops?) there is a little part of spontaneous, fly by the seat of my pants, on the hoof, free-spirited me that is saying, burn that bloody diary, stop all the clocks and come drink, dance and laugh with me.

In huge contradiction to all of the above, the weekend concept is very easy to slip back into and produces feelings of excitement at it’s approaching. I have had some amazing weekends here this time and still more to come. In fact, I’m rather excited about this coming weekend as I will be donning a posh frock and joining the audience for the final of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (sorry, but got to woooooop!!!and say thanks to my friend Heather for being clever and getting the tickets). Believe me, I had no trouble putting that in the diary!

While writing this, I decided to check the origins of “at the drop of a hat” and found that the dropping of your hat, was the signal for the start of a fight…… and so, I say to you, have a great weekend people and try and do something spontaneous because, Father Time travels at such a speed that you can’t stop him but, at least you can put up a fight!