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That those of you blessed with a happy family, bask in the love and thank the universe for your good fortune

That those families that can’t get through a day without arguing, just try for this one day, as who knows what will happen tomorrow. If the unthinkable should happen, it’s always the arguments you will regret

That parent’s make the day magical for their children, even if it’s Christmas on a shoestring. It’s that feeling a child will remember, not the presents

That you are kind to your old folk, no matter how they behave. Without them, you would not be here, and they may not be with you next year

For those that spend the day alone, find strength. You will get through it and there will come a day when you are not alone anymore; then this day will be a distant memory

For those of you that give up your day to help people less fortunate, bless you. I hope karma will reward you

That you remember those no longer with us and light a candle for them

That everyone, no matter what their situation, spare a thought for those away from home at war, fighting for someones freedom

It is a harsh and unforgiving world we live in but I wish, on this day, that everyone finds some Joy, Peace & Love, even if it’s just for a moment and I’m sending this wish out to the Universe…. I hope it finds you.