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Me & Mu

Me & Mu

Here is a photo of me and Hubby, as it’s Valentines day tomorrow and I’m in one country and he is in another. Plus, it’s kinda one of our wedding anniversary’s as well! Hmmmm no present for me then.

Anyway, to all you singletons, it’s here, that dreaded day when everyone around you seems to be in love. Big red hearts are everywhere, all the restaurants are fully booked and you’ve got a night in with Bridgit……..again.     BUT….I would just like to let you know that St Valentine is not just the patron saint of all this lovey-dovey stuff, he is also the patron saint of:

Epilepsy – Greetings – Travellers – Plague (oh dear)  and Bee Keepers!

So you see, you don’t have to be in a couple to celebrate his day; you could warmly greet Bee Keepers or travel somewhere (we’ll forget the plague shall we?).

Going back to the subject of presents, I’ve just got in from a meet up of Southend Passionate Women – The topic this evening was ‘romancing yourself’.  Anyway, everyone was sharing stories and I say;

“Every year Murat gives me a present which I open and say, ‘oh that’s lovely………have you got the receipt?”

I then look around the room confidently and say

“Well we’ve all done it girls haven’t we?”  and, I’m met with silence!!! After the silence is the odd comment like “I say I love it then shove it in a drawer”

I’m trying to cast my mind back to when I lived in the UK – Did I do the same thing? I don’t think I did to be honest.  I truly believe that the person giving the gift would far rather give you something you love, than something you only pretend to love and then never wear? I certainly wouldn’t be offended if I gave someone a gift and they asked to change it.  In fact, I would much prefer it because I love giving gifts, and the whole point is because you want the receiver to love it / wear it /  eat it / use it / and not wrap it up and pass it on to someone else as a gift……anyone done that?

Am I the only person that speaks out? That can’t possibly be!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…….

So, back to Valentines day, of course, the best gifts are free – love, kisses and hugs – I hope you receive lots of them.

If you don’t, I’m sending you a virtual hug and you can hang on to that for as long as you like.

{{{{{{{{ HUG }}}}}}}}