PODThis is my beautiful brave friend Debbie. It’s for people like her that women around the world are taking photos of themselves without make-up, and plastering them all over the internet.

It’s without doubt a good cause and yet, there is negativity surrounding it. How terribly sad that people are slating the effort.

Does it really matter what the motive is? Perhaps some are doing it for a bit of fun, some for gratification and some feel brave themselves for doing it – I do know women that won’t leave the house without their make up.  That may seem pretty shallow in comparison to the person who has lost their hair through chemo, but we can’t all be constantly shining examples of compassion and sensitivity, 24 hours a day every day can we.

This effort that people are moaning about, raised over a million quid in just 24 hours  –  so again I ask, does it really matter what the motive is?

To those that are moaning about the charities not giving 100% of that money to the fund, I would say – does you moaning about it change that? No? Then why not get off your arse and do something to change it then?

To those that have not taken part, not posted a photo of their bare face and are currently slatting the effort – you have actually bared more than you know.

To all of those that have bared their faces and posted their pics on the internet – I don’t care what your reasons were – Well done whatever.

To all those fighting this dreadful disease – I salute you

To all those supporting the fight – I salute you too.

Here is my make-up free face and, before you ask, yes I did donate.










Peace Love & Light X