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Photo by Steve Lilly

From “The Goddess Photo Shoot” by Steve Lilly

So the weekend was spent as my own little Marketing, Social Media & PR machine. I also took the time to go through “Turkey With Stuff In,” to prepare it for Kindle and of course, that meant reading it.  And there I was, transported back to 2006 with such vivid memories, I decided to stay a while and wallow in them.

Yes I know it’s my own book, but I feel that way about so many books. I love the way a writer can take me on a journey and I always have.

As a child, I was the proverbial round peg. I felt disjointed, out of place, unaccepted, strange, alone, and I was very much all of those things.  School was a freaking nightmare, but at least I had the library, and that is where you would find me. You see there, I was no longer this strange disjointed thing. Instead I was captivated by a story and became part of it. The characters became my friends and I would journey with them to magical places where there was adventure and beauty.  And so it continued over the years, words had the power to transport me. To take me out of my strange little life and make it better for a while.

Today it seems, I’m able to do that for others and I wonder if you know how much of an honour that is for me? The ultimate pay it back. When I receive positive feedback & reviews, I don’t smile for myself, I smile for you.  Sometimes, like this morning, I receive emails that touch my heart, because sometimes, what I write evokes memories in others and their journey may not have ended so well.  I’m always here with an ear if you need it.

Since “Turkey with stuff in” has been published, I’ve had a lot of amazing feedback but I must confess, what made me proudest is the news that my book was in a library. To me, that is better than being on a shelf at Waterstones.  Perhaps there is another person out there feeling strange and alone and who knows, perhaps I can take them on a journey and make them feel better for a while. I truly hope so.

Thank you all so much for reading and thank you for your feedback. I hope you journey with me for many years to come.

Have a wonderful day.

Kym X