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The BookWell, how excited am I? Very!

At last, Turkey With Stuff in is on Kindle and it’s just £1.53 ($2.99 in USA) – Go on, you know I’m worth it! 🙂

The paperback version of my book is priced at around £14 which is a tad pricey, but that was set by the publisher and they made the rules!! A huge thanks to everyone that bought the paperback version by the way.

Even though I don’t possess a kindle, I do totally get it.  So, why don’t I have one? Well, every now and then I have a mini protest against things. These have included, onesies, kindles, electric cigarettes, and Fifty Shades of Grey (amongst other things).  Books have played such a major role in my life, for as long as I can remember, that I just can’t comprehend a world without them. The rate at which technology is moving forward, it won’t be long until you can buy the story in hologram form; press a button and the person of your choice will pop up and read it to you!  So yeah, that is why I don’t do kindles and I’m on a mission to save the books of the world, (you should look under my bed!).

I better stop waffling and show you the link to the kindle version – If you buy it, I hope you like it, and please please please, leave an Amazon review on both .com and .co.uk

Turkey With Stuff in

Whatever you’re doing today, Have a fabulous Sunday! X