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Ooops I did it again!

Ooops I did it again!

What better way to celebrate 30 days of fasting than by stuffing your face full of sugar?

Yes folks, Seker Bayram is just around the corner – It marks the end of the fast and is a day for putting on your new clothes, visiting relies, eating sweets and kissing the hands of the elders. I love Seker Bayram, it’s such a joyful day and yes I have bought some new clothes; funky orange and red salvar (baggy trousers with the low crutch.) I know sister in laws Sebiha & Ozlem also have new dresses because they dragged me all around Yenihisar last week looking for them (we were supposed to be going to the market). Four hours of dress shopping to the sound of baby Bera’s high pitched crying. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm that was fun.

Not sure what Dursun will wear – I tried to buy her a new top as a present during that torturous shopping trip but everything I picked up, the girls said was too young for her – poor woman’s not even allowed a little boncuk (beaded) neckline! You may say, sod it, just get something nice for her and let her feel good, but I’ve learned my lesson in that respect. Having bought her things like that before, I’ve recieved a beaming smile, a “Tesekkur Ederim” and the offending garment is whipped away never to be seen again, (or spied in the bathroom as a new rag under the sink) – She’s not even worn the desperate housewife mules I bought her back from Istanbul.

Hopefully, I’ll be better by then – I’ve been laid up for nearly a week now with all sorts, which were, to be fair, in the process of coming anyway, but I’m sure these were exacerbated by the constant in and out of air conditioned shops on that nightmare shopping expedition.  First my neck and shoulders went into spasm and I literally had a hunchback (I kid you not), then within hours came the head cold and the swollen glands, followed by a delightful side of diarrhoea and a day or so in I was gifted with a little delirium, and I vaguely remember calling up to the sky for my Nan!

Of course, Murat wanted to pack me off to the village to be looked after and I would have liked nothing more, but it’s July, it’s roasting and I don’t want to wear much.  Showing even the slightest bit of ankle at dinner gets me a pair of socks or a blanket so there’s no way I could do the burning fever twist & shout with my bare bits poking out all over the place. Someone would keep covering me up and I would die!

No far more sensible to head to Dr Bey for a traditional igne (needle) or even better, a drip. After 4 days of bed rest it was time to succumb. I often wonder why, at times like this, my hair takes on the quality of candy floss and I have to go out in public? Still, at least this time I was not wearing my pyjamas.

The doc gives me an examination and reels off a list of meds telling the nurse to put them in the drip – I raise my eyebrows and ask him if all that is necessary – I’ve counted five at least! He says most definitely – ho hum.

A few hours in and I start to feel hungry – ooooo an improvement. I also start to wonder where the in-laws are. Never before have I been unattractively contained to a hospital bed and not been subjected to the well wishes of various relatives?  Hmmmmmmmmmm

When my lovely young nurse Meltem comes to flick my drip, I tell her I’m hungry. She sends in the lady that I guess we would call an auxiliary; a lovely smiley lady who orders me soup and gets me water. Meltem means Melody by the way.

6 hours after admission, my drip bags are finished but I’m to return at 10pm for another one.  Still feeling a bit weak, I don’t go to the village for Iftar, instead I go home and change the sheets on the bed to get rid of any germs! I do however ask Murat why Dursun has not called me all day?

“She doesn’t know” he says. It seems in his infinite wisdom that he decided not to tell them and do you know what, for once I agree with him! It’s hot, they are fasting and I wouldn’t want them travelling down to see me just to tell me gecmis olsun. Even though I agree with him, I will still get him in trouble next time I’m in the village by turning on the big eyes and bemoaning my stay in hospital. Tee hee.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, back to the hospital for my second drip – Just half an hour this one but a telling off from different nurse for going home and using my hand as they has left the needle in and I’d managed to work it out by typing….ooops.

This morning, I have to go back again for a full and final bag of goodies which should have me fighting fit and ready for Seker Bayram, and I’ve a feeling my salvar are going to be even baggier because, if there is a plus side to being sick like this, it’s the loss of poundage…..yay bring on the seker!