Don't RegretI’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve a received a ‘nomination’ via Facebook or the like. Someone somewhere wants me to bare my make-up less face, write what I’m grateful for, place a heart on my timeline, etc. The latest craze is the Ice Bucket nomination, which I have to admit, would be more of a reward than a challenge as it’s currently in the 40’s here in Turkey.  A lot of these type of nominations come attached to a charity focus, which is great, but I did see a comment on someone’s ice bucket video that said “Do you know what’s happening in Gaza? The water you drop on yourself could make 10 bottles of drinking water for them.”  There was also considerable outrage over the no-make up selfie with comments like “People are just showing off.” It’s a sad fact of life that whatever you do, someone somewhere is not going to like it.

As far as charities go, there are so many, that we get bombarded with requests from them or people supporting them on a daily basis.  If I gave to every charity that asked, I would be penniless and homeless. It’s just not possible to support them all without becoming a charity case yourself. When I lived in the UK, I supported the NSPCC with a monthly standing order and this is what I told every other charity that came knocking. If I’m donating, it’s going to be for kids – That’s my personal choice, although my time is a different matter and I have and do spend some of that supporting other worthy causes.

Back to the nominations. Have I done them? Only the make-up free selfie and I managed to catch myself in a good light!

So, what is the point of this blog? Well, this blog is for you. It’s my nomination to you in the hope that you will be charitable to yourself.  I know a lot of people that go out of their way to help others, sometimes at great cost to themselves, but we don’t always give as much consideration to ourselves do we? So, I would like to challenge you to do one thing for yourself that you have never done before. Something you may have thought about but never got round to or managed to squeeze in the time for. It doesn’t have to be something big, although it could be if you wish, it just needs to be for you.

Perhaps you have always fancied doing yoga but you’ve not found a class or can’t commit to a regular time so you’ve never started. Jump onto and type in something like “beginners yoga” then just do it (Nike, you can thank me for that plug later) – Don’t favourite it and think, I’ll do it later, do it there and then. You may love it, you may hate it, but either way you can say you’ve done it.

Got a monument, gallery, historical building or the like up the road from you that’s been on your ‘I’d like to go there’ list for ever? Just go. Don’t wait for a convenient moment because it’s on your doorstep and you think you can go anytime; maybe one day it won’t be.

Always wanted to go blonde but worried it won’t suit you? Do it! If you don’t like it, you can change it back, but at least you will have tried it.

Ever wanted to start a blog? Maybe you have a lot to say but don’t think anyone would be interested? You’d be surprised – There really is an audience for everything. There is nothing stopping you from going to right now and signing up for a blog even if the only thing you write is “Welcome to my blog” – Go on do it now… it for you.

Book a photo shoot – Bake a cake – Try red wine or olives – Learn to knit – Write a poem – Enter a competition – Be a Goddess – Go on the big wheel – Call Johhny Depp……sorry, what? Anyone got his phone number?

My point is, everyone has big dreams on their bucket list, but there are thousands of little things we would like to do for ourselves that we never get around to in life, because they don’t seem as important or we think we can do them anytime. Well, anytime just became now.

I want to wake up one morning and see a status update on Facebook that says: I have been nominated to do one thing for myself that I have never done before. And I want to see a photo or video of you doing it! Then nominate your friends to do the same.  Of course, if it’s a secret fetish, then maybe going public with it is not the best idea – really, no-one wants to see you handcuffed to the bed in a Batman costume……..seriously……we don’t.

Come on folks, tune in to Do It FM (for me) and be charitable to yourself today. Actually, I think I’ll start it off………now where’s that parachute….