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JourneyThis morning, I started the day with my power walk and returned glowing somewhat!

Murat had not left the house by then and so we had the usual, ‘what to do about breakfast’ conversation.  There are always three scenarios to this:

a) He will go and have breakfast in the office and I will make toast or porridge for myself at home.

b) We will go to the village and camp out on the floor and play with Melisa until breakfast is provided.

c) We will go to a local restaurant – Meandros, Anterras, or the lovely village style cafe on the other side of Akkoy etc.

Today, we chose option ‘C’.

Did I eat more than I should have? Sure, but my metabolism was speeding due to my power walk (I believe that so you should too!).

We were sat, picking and dipping while drinking tea, when Murat got a text message.

“Oh” he said.

“What happened?” I replied.

Murat is a very calm and laid back person, so any sign of exclamation from him normally means something bad has happened…..

The message was a notification from the Ticaret Odasi, to all business owners, informing them of the death of a Didim Resident.  Included in the message were details of the designated mosque and a time for prayers for the deceased.

As tragic as it is when someone dies, I think it’s such a beautiful thing that fellow Muslims will congregate and pray for you at your time of passing, whether they knew you or not. It seems, the body is brought into the grounds of the mosque and everyone prays for the souls journey……I have to say it made me a little tearful this morning. When I hear of, or experience people doing beautiful, supportive, humane or kind things, I often get a lump in my throat.  Gosh, how much better would it be in the UK, if we all did that? Especially for the elderly….the ones left dead and undiscovered in their homes because no-one checks on them.

I have spoke loudly and often about not being a Muslim and I’ve not even touched the surface of my understanding of the faith, so I don’t pretend to know the in’s and out’s. BUT, from what I have seen, there are some wonderful aspects to it and I am very proud of these people, which probably sounds a bit mad. I hope you understand what I mean?

Heartfelt thoughts to the man who lost his life today. I hope you journey peacefully to your resting place and may Allah wrap his arms around you as he guides you into Love & Light.