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What people are saying:

I was so absorbed by the book I often forgot I was reading about real life events and read the book like a piece of fiction. But if you really want to know what life is like in a Turkish village and what it is like living with a Kurdish family then you won’t be disappointed.  At times I felt she was writing about my family here in Turkey the comparisons were so similar. When I finished reading the book I found myself wanting to know more and I hope that Kym will venture into writing a series of books on life here in Turkey and I can assure you I will be first in line to buy my copy.”

Kym’s observations of Turkish village life is impeccable; through her words, you feel like you are actually there witnessing each very moment. Being a Turk myself, I was so glad to hear her positive experience and that she is so warmly welcomed into the Turkish village life. But big credit her too, her sensitivity to Turkish customs, her respect and thoughtfulness. Through Kym’s adventures written in a delightful way, you have a rare chance to be a part of the very local Turkish village life; regardless of who you are, you are welcomed to share their food.

“Kym is a gifted writer. Her fine descriptive voice brings to life the nuances and universal humanity of an alien culture, with honesty and humour. A culture, that seemingly welcomes her with open arms and gives her the sense of belonging that she has been seeking all her adult life. Her affinity to her adopted land, and the sensitivity with which she portrays her characters and relationships, even when witnessing an animal sacrifice, makes this more than just another love story. Highly recommended.”

Hard to put down once you begin turning the pages. A true tale of an incredible journey with twists and turns along the road. Each chapter leaves you wanting more, waiting to find out what the next turn in the road will bring. There are places that will leave you open-mouthed in disbelief while others will have you laughing out loud, looking around you to see if anyone heard you! The book leaves you with a sense of ‘belonging’. To a family you have never met who would make you welcome to the extent that you never want to leave.

The authors style of telling her story brings Turkey to life. It fully captures Turkeys sights, sounds, colours ,people and their culture , all dished up with a big dollop of humour. I eagerly await another book from her with more details of her Turkish life.

“These descriptive passages are for me the really tasty stuffin’ in this book…  when reading it I can smell the heat, the flowers and herbs, the street life, the laughter and the food, all of which are essential ingredients for a real life in Turkey, and that is something many expats never, ever, find. Congratulations Kym… I hope you continue on your journey into the heart of authentic Turkey for many years to come, not least so that I can enjoy reading about it!”

A tender and candid memoir from a woman who finds inspiration and love in a foreign land. This heart-warming tale provides plenty of highs and lows, good times and bad but gives a timely reminder to us all that life is for living. There is much to find beyond the bars and the beaches and the author tells it straight from the hip. Get your tissues ready.”

 “If her book is anything like her blog readers are in for a treat – for me no one can bring their adventures to life the way she can – a 3d tale complete with sights, sounds and smells that leap off the page or screen at you.”

” I was drawn to her ability to wrap up a scene or situation in words that drew me in and made me a vital part of whatever she was describing. I was there. This is a rare and precious gift that is given to few and she has it in abundance.”


2 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. Ginnette said:

    I read this book and couldnt put it down loved it,i to lived in Turkey for 8 and half years till i got cancer,so i can relate to the village life i used to love going to the village thats Turkish or kurdish real thanks Kym really enjoyedyour book i hope you will do follow on books i will definatley get them tk care get well soon xxx

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