Travels in Turkey

This little page will help you to find places in Turkey you might be interested in. I have dated them as this blog doesn’t always run in date order and some of the articles are from my travel notes. If the link doesn’t work, it means I have yet to trawl through my notes and blog about said place!!

In any event, click on the link and I’ll take you there 🙂

Akbuk – A coastal resort on the Aegean Coast

Alanya – A Coastal Resort on the Med

Akziyaret – A tiny village in the province of Sanliurfa

Alinda – An ancient Carian City where Queen Ada reigned

AvĹźar – A small Turkish village

Altinkum – A bucket and spade resort on the Aegean Coast

Bozbuk –

Bozdag – A Mountain ski resort



Diyarbakir – In the South East of Turkey and would be Capital of Kurdistan

Dolmabache Palace – Home to Ottoman Sultans and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Gobeklitepe 2009 – An important discovery in South East Turkey

Gobeklitepe 2013 – A trip to see what changes have been made

Eski Halfeti – A sunken village in the South East, home to a Roman Fortress & birthplace of Abdullah Ocalan

Fethiye – A buzzing town on the Med

Harran – As mentioned in the bible an old town in the South East still inhabited

Hassankeyf – An important site along the Silk Road, currently closed to the public


Istanbul 2010

Istanbul 2011

Istanbul 2012

Istanbul 2013

Izmir – A lively Port City

Kayakoyu – A small village with deserted town that is featured in ‘Birds without Wings”

Kavalık – A tiny village in the South East

Manavgat – Famous for it’s beautiful Falls

Manisa – Home to a mental facility! but aside from that a very pretty town that sits under a mountain

Miletos – An Important Ancient City that was once a Port

Mount Nemrut – The tomb of Babylonian King Antiochus

Odemis – A Mountain town famous for it’s potatoes

Priene – A huge city Built by Alexander the Great

Sanliurfa 2008 – Birthplace of Abraham that plays host to millions of pilgrims

Sanliurfa 2009 – City of Prophets

Sanliurfa 2013

Sarikimer – Predominately Kurdish Village near Soke

Side – Where the Temple sits on a beach

Siirt – Home to The Veysel Karani Mosque

Sirince – Wine producing village in the mountains

Turgutreis – Named after a famous Captain this town is close to Bodrum




Thank you for reading. Your comments & thoughts are always welcome and always appreciated.

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