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It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining, Mu is home from Urfa he has made a big breakfast and we are now relaxing (me on the sofa with laptop, him in the Şark Koşe…. remote in hand, naturally).  The laptop for me now is the equivalent of the morning papers (I guess for a lot of other people too). I’m performing my morning ritual; check Hotmail, check Google mail, check Facebook and its networked blogs to see which of my favourite bloggers have newly posted and I see that Jack has.  But then Jack always does. He is a prolific blogger as well as a versatile one and he is also kind enough to write a monthly column for our ‘On The Ege’ magazine, as well as guest posting, article writing, being interviewed and completing his book……. Yes I would say, Jack is well on his way to the bright lights and definitely deserves it.  He is also as cute as a button but, girls don’t get excited as he is, out loud and proud!

Anyway, why am I writing about Jack Scott and his Perking the Pansies phenomena this morning? Well it’s because I’ve just remembered that he nominated me for ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award (thanks Jack x).

This award comes with rules however and in order to accept, I must write a blog post about it, feature the image associated with the award, reveal seven quirky things about myself and then pass the baton on to between 5-15 other bloggers and notify them that I have nominated them.

So here goes with the seven:

1)      I love Marmite on Toast dipped in a proper cup of tea

2)      I spent 12 years at Dance School and can still do the splits

3)      I’m a trained Practitioner of Reflexology

4)      I never leave my toothbrush in the bathroom for fear of circulating loo germs

5)      I listened to Seal perform the ‘Kissed by a Rose’ album, live and unplugged in   his Notting Hill living room before the album was released

6)      I once had a vicar exorcise my flat (in Earls Court) after a series of mysterious happenings

7)      I pluck the hairs from my legs with tweezers (laborious task but oh so therapeutic)

So there you go, done!

Now I will pass the baton to:

The Year Zero

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The Accidental Londoner

Everything Everywhere

Now, I do believe you can be nominated more than once so, if that is the case, I will also give back to Jack and another to Hocam below (although I’m sure the same rules do not apply and they don’t have to write again about it or we will all be going round in circles all day!)

Perking the Pansies

Adventures of a Cilgin Kiz

I may add a couple more shortly…..To bow out, I’ll leave you with ‘The Morning Papers’, a song with lyrics that I love, courtesy of Prince (or whatever his name is these days!)