Useful sites & great blogs

Here is a list of sites and a list of blogs that I follow. Some I have been following for ages and some are new discoveries that I instantly loved.

Have a look around, you may find something you like 🙂

In no particular order we have……

Meet Jade, a thirty something Ausie living and working in London Town. She keeps me up to date on my hometown in An Invisible Crown

Say hello to the Jack, an ex ex-pat who brightened my days with witty tales of life in Bodrum. He is the man behind such terms as ’emigrey’ & ‘vetpat’ and his blog has been so successful that he is now the bestselling Author of Perking the Pansies

Here is Jane, a journalist and lover of Fethiye. She writes great articles and her photo’s are not bad either! A Guide to Fethiye

In her twenties she fell in love with Bodrum and stayed for a while. Thirty years later, she is Back to Bodrum

Let Angie take you on a tour around exotic India and Thailand as she relays her travel memoirs in words and photos. Moments in your life

Go to Turkey is a travel agency with a blog (cay with Jim). It’s a great site to browse for inspiration on where to go and is full interesting topics and information:

If you read me then you know I love history and the ancients and luckily I can get my fix from Maarit over at History of the Ancient World 

Meet the lovely Madhu, an interior designer with a wandering soul. She will guide you through continents with some amazing shots of the world at The Urge to Wander

Say Merhaba to Alan and learn all about life in Okcular. There are details of a very worthy book project and he also blogs about anything and everything that takes his fancy in Archers of Okcular

Here is Milo, a fellow Londoner who blogs his thoughts and has an air of ‘Merchant Ivory’ about him. I love the photos and posters he rescues from obscurity and his randomness at The Year Zero

Then there is Sandy, a Kiwi living in the UK. It’s a versatile blog and I find him very entertaining for no other reason than he just is! Sandy’s View

Say hello to the lovely Jay, an expat adventurer with plenty of fun tales to tell Roving Jay

Say hello to Jeremy, currently teaching English in Turkey. We share a love of the South East.  There is always something interesting on his site Bended Brains 

Meet my pretty petite Dutch friend ‘So’. She lives near me and is madly in love with everything scuba. You can read her scribbles at

Meet Ashley and Hilary, bike lovers and Turkey ex-pats. They write about transition and finding their feet. Having been there, It makes me smile. Pul Biber with Everything

Liz is an American married to a Turk and they live a life surrounded by the Karagoz Puppets. It’s an interesting read from a different perspective. Slowly by Slowly

Say Hola to Martyn. He lifts my spirits with stunning photography from Costa Almaria in sunny Spain. Cabo de Gata Photography

Meet the lovely Maya and see life through her lens. I find her photos thoughtful, thought provoking and edgy. Imayagination

Here’s Brit Suzanne aka the Travel Bunny. She posts stories from home and away and I am particularly loving the ones on English festivities and celebrations at The Travel Bunny

Like to travel? Then here is the man that has been everywhere already but still manages to find paths un-trodden! Gary is a true adventurer. Everything Everywhere

Meet Dennis. He travels all around Europe taking photos and writing down the history of religious architecture. The photos are always stunning and make you feel as well as see. Via Lucas

The lovely Rosamond calls herself the silver surfer! Nip over for news and mature musings at The Daily Muse

Here is a glimpse into Northern California life and some great photos from Angeline: Angeline M

Meet Aisha an expat in Canada. A fellow foreign bride. There’s some thought provoking stuff on her site here Expatlogue

When you want some calm, nip over to this site for some beautiful nature shots and prose from. Ese’s Voice

This is a fabulous online magazine full of tips, adventures, destinations, information and some stunning photos. It also has a blog. Well done Nellie @WildJunket

Anyone interested in real estate in Altinkum or the surrounding areas, check out Didim Beach Homes (My husband).

Lastly, here are two great sites for expats or for anyone that wants to know more about living abroad. These are full of information from expats all over the world. My blog is on both sites, so, if you have a minute, drop by and give it a review:-)

Expat Blog

Blog Expat 


14 thoughts on “Useful sites & great blogs”

  1. Thank you so much for including me on your list – very chuffed indeed 🙂 Going to check out the others now…

  2. Thanks so much for including me on this list! Seems like you’ve made a ton of good blog friends. I’ll have to check them all out.

  3. Always afraid of double posting, but I wanted to make sure it went through – thanks a lot for including me on this list! It really means a lot coming from your blog, which I absolutely love. I’m really happy that I’ve managed to come across it.

  4. Thank you for including me! ‘Merchant Ivory’ and ‘randomness’ are pretty much spot-on! 😛

  5. Thanks for including me here, Kym! I’m very honored. 🙂

  6. Thanks for including BlogExpat, our expat blog directory! I also hope EasyExpat (, our guide/resources site is of use to you.

    I also wanted to contact you about an Expat Interview. You have a great blog and we would love to feature you. You can check out current interviews here: Let me know if you are interested & keep up the great work.

  7. Nice List of Great Travel Blog Dear….. I Like the list and your post… Nice Post Dear…. Thanks for sharing this post with us………

  8. Hi there , we would like to say thank you in the name of Besem, for such a good blog about Turkey . In case if you ever visit Marmaris , please contact us . We would like to take you around an show you our beautiful town.

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